Update Pokemon Go Fest 2020 Makeup Event Announced

Update: Trainers, the Go Fest 2020 makeup event is now live (in some parts of the world) and players are reporting of seeing Galarian and Alolan Pokemon from 7KM Eggs, increased shiny rates, and a free Go Fest Box.

Here is everything we know so far:

  • Galarian Pokemon are hatching from 7KM Eggs
  • Alolan Pokemon are hatching from 7KM Eggs
  • Increased shiny rates for hatching/catching Pokemon
  • Free Go Fest Box featuring 2 Incense and 2 Remote Raid Pass

NOTE: Some players might not see the Go Fest Box in the shop, and according to reports, you have to close and re-open the app.

Update: Trainers, the Pokemon Go Fest makeup event is scheduled to go live on August 16, 2020, from 11 AM to 2 PM local time.


  • Pokemon featured during the Pokemon GO Fest 2020 Fire, Water, and Friendship habitat hours will be appearing in the wild. Incense will be more effective at attracting the featured Pokemon, and certain featured Pokemon will appear only when attracted by Incense, so be sure to use Incense to encounter all sorts of Pokemon
  • There’ll be a special free box featuring two Incense and two Remote Raid Passes. Please note that players can claim this box only if they have fewer than three Remote Raid Passes in their Item Bag
  • Gifts opened during the event can contain Rare Candies
  • Incense activated during the event will last for one hour

Date + Time

  • Sunday, August 16, 2020, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever players who purchased a Pokemon GO Fest 2020 ticket are in the world. Three different habitats will be featured during this event, each lasting for one hour
  • 11:00 a.m.: Fire
  • 12:00 p.m.: Water
  • 1:00 p.m.: Friendship

Previous Story: Trainers, Fest 2020 has started, but history seems to be repeating itself. Many players who have purchased a ticket were unable to enjoy the event due to server errors.

Niantic and Pokémon Go announced on their official Twitter account that they will be hosting a makeup Go Fest event. They have not revealed when this event will start, but all players expect it to be soon.

Their Tweet reads:

Trainers, due to technical issues that occurred in some of the habitat blocks during Pokémon GO Fest, we will be holding a makeup event at a later date (TBD). We apologize for any inconvenience caused and will share more information once details have been finalized.

The Go Fest 2020 is currently live in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa,  over and according to reports, the game was unplayable and many players experienced lags, server issues, and a lot more. Some players were not able to open the app, while some didn’t see any Pokemon spawns.

Did you experience any server issues, lags, etc during this year’s Go Fest? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Haven’t had a new spawn in 30 minutes and that’s with an incense activated. I can open a gift from one friend before I have to reboot the app because I keep getting an ERROR message. And sending them is impossible. I think if you’ve had months, if not years, to prepare for your biggest event ever AND one of your main global challenges is based on friend gift exchanges, you’d make sure your servers can handle that, right? I dunno, maybe that is just me

    1. I did experience several freezes during the early hours on go fest. I eventually stopped clicking mon as they kept freezing my screen then if I did catch the they did the same freezing thing leaving me to have to close and reopen the app several times.

      1. Not only was my game constantly thinking or crashing but also lost 2 remote raid passes because game froze at the end lost everything I only had a hr all together of time my present would open or send had more shinys on regular days I was not happy at all I invested alot of money on so much for all me to walk out with 8 good pokemon if lucky

        1. You dont lose passes anymore on that, that is a nice uofate they did
          If you did, send them a mesaage in game to be credited

          1. I had the same problem, but the customer support said it was my fault.
            I had purchased 6 passes and during on raid kept freezing so I refreshed a couple times. I have done 3 raids plus the free pass from gym so I should have 3 in my bag. Customer support just kept saying “You must have used them or discarded them.” I don’t mind spending the money, but just feel that they could have replied with a more respectful way if they know there are people out there with the same problem.

          2. You don’t lose the raid passes if you get out of the lobby before the game starts. I got kicked out toward the end and I lost about three or four remote raid passes.

          3. My game kept freezing on the starting countdown when the word GO came up bam it froze then went black. I lost 3 raid passes that way. My game wouldnt sync to my adventure sync at one point and I lost count of how many times I had to restart it do to lags, frozen screens, black screen etc.

          4. If u start the raid but it freezes half way thru yes u do bc I lost 4 passes that way so yes u do lose passes u only dont lose them if u don’t get past the go part on the raid .. niantic even started of the raid was started u lose that said pass u can’t start a raid n get booted after I’ve attacked or its attacked u or jump out after I’ve already started the said raid so they will not credit her or anyone else bc of the fact the raid was half way thru

        2. My husband and I had this happen twice and once each of it freezing when it went to capture screen and so didn’t even get to try and capture 5* boss was frustrating with the lag and glitches on top of it

          1. I love wasting money, who doesn’t? From 40 incubators to 20 passes to having an incense on every hour of go fest. Not one good IV or shiny cake from eggs or raids. Couldn’t even get 1 charged tm! This is supposed to be go fest, right? We should be getting gible in eggs, right? Not feebas, klink, Throh, and golett. Don’t even get me started on 2k and 5k eggs. Should have been filled with Durant, alolan grimer, rotom, etc.. not minncinno, Karrablast, cubone, luvdisc, ponyta, patrat, and all the other bs we have as commons in our surroundings. Thanks for lying to me about what to expect from the event only to waste $80-$100. I will never participate in a go fest again.

        3. Not worth playing, click freeze repeat. When I raids some of them would take my pass boot me then when i couldnt get back in keep the pass. Complete waste of time and money and very frustrating.

        4. Yes I had alot of issues with mine during the event. Kept lagging out had to reload at least 20 times to play, on day one. Then day two it happened again but this time lagged everytime I pressed on a Pokemon, wasn’t to impressed paying that much money for it to keep lagging, but I do hope in near future they do another world wide go fest. And with the last one with all the lagging we get another chance to our money’s worth…

      2. I to had difficulty my game kept freezing and restarting, for awhile I couldn’t log in even though I paid for go fest

      3. I had the same problem and had to restart my game several times witch cost me quite a few spawn.

        1. Mine freezes and need to close and open the app. There are times that when I click for raid it is saying I am far but literally there!!!

        2. My wife and I had the same issue. She had to close the app and re open countless times and I had a very glitchy game for a few hours on Saturday. Sunday wasn’t so bad for us, only minimal glitching.

      4. Lots of problems over the 2 days. Couldn’t open gifts, remote raid passes didn’t work and only caught one shiny over both day’s. Feel ripped off paying £14.99 for 3 new Pokemon to my deck when my friends would have traded them to me for free.
        I will definitely think twice now for paying for any event!!

      5. I had trouble logging into the game. Also, when using remote raid passes it would freeze and I couldn’t participate.

    2. I couldn’t raid all the time…kept getting kicked out. And spawns were freezing. But I did have a good experience.

    3. Had alot of the same issues every one elsa had but lost a good number of raid passes all remote ones. Hope I can get some of them back if not all of them. But still had a good time and enjoyed the event cant wait to participate in the make up event!

      1. This was our first pogo fest and was pretty disappointed . The first day my friends list wasn’t loading so was unable to send gifts for awhile. The spawns were happening but would click on some mons and they would just vanish. Would do a Groudon raid and and would get kicked out or it would freeze. So our passes were pretty much a waste. We spent quite a bit of money for this event and felt a little ripped off. The eggs that were hatching were the same as always, not the mons that was said were goin to hatch during the event. If I would have know that I would not have purchased all those incubators. The second day was disappointing as well. It would have been nice to get those rotating spawns again but instead it was all about team rocket and fighting Arlo cliff and Sierra. We do those all the time for free so having to pay for an event and having to do that was disappointing. The raids the second day were great. However they still would freeze up or we would get kicked out. I really wished this experience would have been better but I really dont see us participating in anymore , felt it was a waste of money especially since the second day everyone was able to pretty much catch what was out the first day for free except for the evolved versions . I feel that Niantic wasn’t very honest about what was really going to hatch from eggs and happen on those days just to have us spend money on the game.

    4. Idk how to put my own comments so I replied to yours, sorry boss. But I got kicked out of 5 different raids wastting my remote raid passes, had to reset my games many times and missed out on multiple gible raids and even potential shinies and eggs.

  2. Absolutely terrible in Bognor Regis PO21 2AP UK keeps freezing and erroring all the time not good at all. Hope other players are having better luck. i must have lost about 300 balls when it keeps freezing its a good job they gave us 200 great balls to play with.

  3. Terrible glitches and can’t see friends list when trying to start a raid. We got kicked out of raids. Terrible all day! I am in Kuwait and my family in the US had a hard time raiding with me! You

    1. I had some trouble with pokemon spawns. Not only that i coudn’t do anything for 20 minutes then i could check my pokemon. The game freezez and nothing i could do. During the first day friendship hour i coudn’t got in my friend list. Some times my insence heatmor didn’t load or just flew without even seeing the pokemon in my catching screen. I realy do not like the fact that Go Fest isn’t like what they said.

    1. Had to restart the app about 50 times between both days couldn’t open the app for about 30 mins yesterday. And lost out on a few raid battles that wouldnt load just kept spinning but luckily the Pokemon weren’t that good or shiny. Hoping the makeup event is better this one.

  4. Had to reboot several times and finally had to log out and back in. Had major issues with friends list with both sending gifts and getting new friends.

  5. Shockingly bad …. couldn’t do much due to glitches . Lost remote passes, missed out on bonuses that were part of the payment . Was also shocked to hear that people who didn’t buy a ticket has the same spawns… so basically paid £15 for some remote passes, (which when used got kicked out of raids )incense and 2 star charizard , venusaur etc. Refund would be in order .

    1. Constant freezing, unable to open or send gifts, friend list unable to load, and was not able to see any spawns 🙁 My first Go Fest and only one shiny! Played all day with incense and very disappointed. Totally understand the logistics of something this big but still a let down.

    2. I so addicted to Pokémon go that I got my entire family involved . With Covid 19 we decided that the home edition 2020 was amazing to do . The minute tickets became available we all 8 of us and an entire face book group our 300 members joined .

      Our deck was full so we fist purchased extra space and then. Since we were home we had to purchase most balls to play.

      The day arrived it’s started dropped eggs star pieces and incense and we stacked them when the game first froze I finally got it to load and all my stacked incense gone . Then my family devices did the same.
      I was frustrated but kept going to get spawns that when I touch them nothing happened and restarted again . Same with the family. We had 8 devices and about 1 hr in we started to play . We were excited that the shiny had increase but mon after mon no Shinys. With sending presents error it would not let us do it . Then I would fight a grunt and win and the balloons flew off with winnings nothing more glitches that I was about to say hell with it . Niantic knew how many player their where and it does not stop here . By the 4 hrs I had 1 shiny and the family had about the same 5 hrs in total we had 6 after 10 hrs of non stop play I had 3 Shinys. In total we had 23 in total. We all felt ripped off . Also battling raids took our passes this is so glitches that I was maintaining a family of phones and that mons did not come for a while . Every time my buddies go to go fest they catch from 20 to 40 Shinys. In 20 hours of non stop play I got 9 Shinys and the family got about 6 . We did not get credit for the bonuses and since I could not open or send presents I had to purchase balls and more incense since when I stacked them on a restart they went missing . So all the events were terrible. The second day was smoother but the shiny rate was not increased so I ended with 9 in total for 20 hrs of play with no bonuses . I believe that a redo of both days or a refund for eight devices that my family used as well . I’m a tech and I truly feel I was working and not having fun with family and playing having fun in the house . Also a refund of 3 remote passes . 12,800 coins replaced as we purchased 800 coins for 200 done twice that 1600 coins time 8 equals 12,800 coins and I purchased 600 ball that 2400 coins and 500 coins for incense as it delited . The part that really got me that a possible redo of a day ……..I spent a lot of money to have 48 Shinys on a family of 8 ……I still can’t believe what happened. Please make this right as we are all deciding to quite the games we all love . But to be ripped off like this . I will never do this again until you rectifying them matter . Coins and balls brought to us by our buddy and put coins in our account. You know we will spend it . And the grand finally caught and deleted everything thing we caught . Niantic please make this right as I spend a $1000 a month on the game . I feel like a big idiot. I should have walked away but I gave it mine and the family’s best. Please redo both days and make it not the same for everyone. Oh and every 30 a new spawn did not happen . I’ve never been this pissed off . A very big let down

  6. Pacific coast trainer here, I had to reboot my app 3 or 4 times an hour to get any kind of pokemon to appear. I continually froze up during raid battles. I wasted several remote raid passes due to lag and being unable to get back into gyms after the battle started. The app would constantly freeze up and lock up my screen. We kept thinking that the server had to be down because no one was able to play in our area of the Tri cities Washington.

  7. Couldn’t get in friends list or open/send gifts. Kept crashing. Did a groudon raid and crashed as I tried to catch him raid ended before i could get back in i didn’t even get to throw a ball. Lots of lagging and errors all day.

  8. Didn’t see spawns for hours, no access to friends list, and periods where logging in wasn’t possible. USA.

  9. My husband and I kept getting errors and it was like four hours of the server lagging. Husband had a shiny Durant and it wouldn’t let him catch it.

    I had a shiny that fled and I didnt even hit it with a poke ball I had a shiny growlithe and didnt even have a good opportunity at getting it. My log said it had fled and I had just opened it. Was pretty bummed. But we had like 4 hours worth of retiring and it glitched almost the whole time except the last hour.

    So was really bummed . We live in Michigan and many others were experiencing some of the same issues.

  10. As soon as I clicked on one Pokémon when 2 or more spawn the others would disappear ASAP before I had a chance to catch anything, game wouldn’t load when it can to fighting in tear 5 raid battles, game crashed numerous times unexpectedly. Shiny rate was still fairly low considering wat it could’ve been still no uncommon Pokémon spawns. And much more

  11. Yeah I had a lot of crashes twice while I was attempting to catch a Shiny Pokémon. And there was no resplendent while I had lure on, it was as if I had no lure

  12. I was unable to open my friends in the link most of the day off and on. As well I would get into a remote raid only to be kicked out., or not able to get in at all. I had remote passes and it wouldn’t let me in, or it would take my pass then not work. A lot of network errors

    1. played in ontario canada, lost 2 shiny heatmor 1st due to the major lag & glitches on day 1, day 2 found shiny heatmor at 758, caught at 759 yet when i checked my bag it was a normal 1 & all i was told “anything caught at 8 or after would be normal spawns” i caught it before the event ended!!!!! so unhappy for my 1st gofest that it will most likely be my last. not paying $20 to not be able to play a game properly. get your crap together niantic

  13. I had several times when the screen went blank of Pokemon spawns…. Even reloading the game didn’t help … please repeat this event!!!! 🙂

  14. Was a disappointment. Game issues all day. Pokemon wouldn’t load when I clicked on them for several minutes. Sometimes would say you cant use this item now. My daughter found one shiny and the game froze when she threw the ball and the pokemon was lost.

    Hoped for more shinies and more unown.

  15. I was invited to several raids during the fest and each time I tried to get in the gym I was told to get closer to the gym. These were supposed to be the remote invite battles and they did not work. I did get into the first invite, won the battle and was not allowed to try and catch the raid boss. The game froze. I am assuming everyone I invited to my raids had the same issue.

  16. I experienced crashes and lagging as well. Game crashed for me during the first friendship hour and lagged during the first fire and grass habitat but only for a few minutes at a time. Then I had smooth gameplay until the 2nd battle hour where I lost 2 raid passes due to lagging and freezing.

    Overall, I had a great experience. I would say for me, I experienced issues like 5% of the time. I’m one of the lucky ones, others weren’t so lucky.

  17. Definitely had some crashes throughout the day. Still enjoyed day one but the freezing and crashing and having to restart the game over and over again made it very frustrating.

  18. First day was half fun, half awful. Was constant lag. Think was a glitch at one point because I kept clicking on what I thought, and what the screen showed, was a darumaka and I only got a torchic. That happened several times. Also with heatmoor. Turned out to be a torchic. Between myself and two other friends I was with, we all experienced multiple bouts of “game freeze” and being unable to log back in. I had a horrible run midday where my avatar just jumped all over the screen while my comrades were standing still. Was super weird.

  19. Went decent for a while and then every time I moved or had to reload the game would just freeze for 10 mins and rinse and repeat.

  20. We had 3 accounts and all had issues all day. It froze, kicked us out of raids, friend section didn’t work and no shiny’s for one account our 9 yr was very upset. Felt cheated we put some money and effort in for the festival.

  21. The whole thing was a joke, Niantic should do the decent thing and refund people. But they won’t. Still I hope everyone remembers this the next time they ask for cash

    1. Not happy with the fact that the game crashed nonstop and no new spawns when It actually did work but then I get a email like everyone about doing a survey but when I clicked on the link it said I already took it. As a black man I appreciate the support for BLM . I grew up on Pokemon and have the original cards and toys still to this day. When the game is up and running correctly like so many others the Pokémon experience brings joy even during covid.

  22. Mine has crashed about 7 times today during raids. I’ve lots atleast 7 remote passes today alone because they are crashing a lot. Not very thrilled with how this event has gone. Especially with the absolutely horrible catch rates as well.

  23. Sadly this entire weekend has been a flop for my wife and I. We purchased tickets on both of our accounts and missed out on so much over the weekend due to glitches and not being able to stay logged into the game. Constant crashes, we both lost atleast 3 raid passes due to raids freezing up. It was very frustrating, we have been playing pokemon go since its release so this isn’t something that is going to run us off, but we will hesitate on purchasing event passes in the future.

  24. So how do I begin oh yay this is my first ever and will be my last ever doing a Pokémon event I spent all day Ketchum’s 60 gibles none shinies did 42 gible raids none shinny and the app kick me out when I had a chance at Caching shiny gibble I had it with this game I paid 15 bucks for what disappointment and when I reach out to Niantic they said sorry nothing we can do just wonder great pokifest

  25. After playing for more than 30 mins, it crashes.. and need to reopen applications.. then continue for another 40plus mins.. lagged and app crash again.. I’m using newly bought Samsung note9 and when crashes.. open my game in my pocophoneF1, it also crashes..

    Very sad, and hope Niantic will redo a 1 day event for go fest ticket holder! Maybe an improvement shiny rate on gible? Thanks.

  26. Yes there were a lot of lagging issues and freezing/having to restart. Still had fun but that part was annoying!

  27. The game kept crashing when I went to load my friends list I couldn’t add a new friend to get the challenge not sure why though out the second waves on the water types Febas was nowhere to be found after the first round of water very upsetting

    1. My son and I experienced problems with send gifts campaign, the app crashed and it took a while to open again. My son couldn’t buy a raid pass either and ex raid passes didn’t work out for me. Hoped to catch a shiny giratina in raid yesterday (it was my birthday) but suddenly the game crashed and the Pokemon was gone.

  28. My game crashed on multiple raids during fights and lobbies and I missed out on many raid bosses because of it. I also could barely catch any pokemon due to server lag during the day 1 biomes and missed out on a lot of pokemon! 🙁

  29. Game laged alot could not go on my friend list and game kept freezing day 1. Day 2 game kept freezing

    1. Constant freezes, lag, and errors! I didn’t lose as much as some but Inwas pretty mad that I bought raid passes to remote raid with friends and kept getting errors. A couple times the issues were before the battle started and I didn’t lose my raid pass. One Palkia raid froze up when it was almost defeated. Time ran down but the screen was not responding. I didn’t get a chance to catch and lost my raid pass. And 2 days playing for hours and not a single shiny was pretty disappointing as well.

  30. There’s a glitch that needs to be addressed when trying to re-enter a lobby after all your pokemon have fainted from an invitation raid . I lost numerous raid passes yesterday and today due to this fact and the game crashing at moments please take a look at this issue and reimbursement would be the right thing to do!!!!!!!

  31. I was invited and competed in remote raid pass today, all my Pokémon died right before we defeated the raid but as soon as my last Pokémon died it sent me all the way out of raid and I did not receive the legendary reward. This is something I don’t except when we spend money for things. Is there a way to see what raids I have been involved with and why I did not get this Pokémon?

  32. Terrible first day to start. I cannot open friendslist to send or open gifts on friendship habitat. Many times I touched a shiny pokemon to catch it starts lagging till its gone and didn’t even get a chance to throw a ball and on my journal it shows that it ran away. When its battle habitat, I cannot see who’s in the lobby but shows just me and the numbers. Majority of the remote raids, I get kicked out in the kiddle of it and cannot get back to rejoin. So disappointed

  33. I didnt get much shinies…most of the raid bosses ran awan even with excellent throws…togetic and gible rarely seen

  34. Issues with system lagging and hang screen.
    Raid invited get it much later after raid over.
    Only 1 shiny on the 2nd day and notices that the spawn rate was low.
    2nd day=> rocket balloons came very often but after my screen hang and re-entered… no more rocket balloons for more than an hour as was waiting to complete the tasks, playing at home and spawn rate was super low ….during the lunch hour.
    Reset and the balloons came back

  35. Pokemon go fest 2020 is the worse even , very hard to get rare shiny like Heatmor, Durant & Seviper . I play 2 days with my family and we get 0 on those shiny. Not to mention the lagging & errors that happen during the game , in Indonesia we had to restart the game few times . I play pokemon go fest in Singapore & Yokohama. They are much better a lot than this year 🙁

  36. Pokemon go fest 2020 is the worse than Singapura & yokohama . We are 3 players in family we play and the game lagging & error so we had to restart the game so many times In Indonesia. Not to mention very hard to get rare shiny like Heatmor, Durant & seviper , we play 2 days non stop and get 0 all of us . This time Niantic need to do something or Pokemon go fest this year is a bad experience for many of us .

  37. I was invited to a few raids. Lost 4 or 5 remote passes due to poor server issues. I didn’t buy a GoFest pass, but the server errors were ridiculous.

  38. We wasted raid passes as some of the raids had issues.
    When trying to rejoin we had to use another raid pass.
    Some raids we had to use 3 passes to complete 1 raid.
    No new spawns for up to 15 minutes and this while burning an incense.
    Game freezes and we constantly had to close and open again.
    Pokemons de spawn when trying to open the pokemon to catch then game freeze and need to close and open again.

  39. Mooi evenement, goed georganiseerd. Maar wat jammer van de regelmatige errors. Een aantal keren per uur Pokémon opnieuw moeten opstarten. Geen spawns en het was soms onmogelijk Pokémon aan te tikken. Erg jammer.

  40. 1st day, july 25 at the very 1st hour, i have noticed in my area spawns is not high, the app always freeze especially whe you accidentally poke on the team rocket pokestop where the mons is near.
    At the end of the 10 hours ordeal, i am super exhausted in restarting the app and to end up catching 4 shiny.
    Heck, its much better than ordinary days, i can catch 4 shiny in less than 2 hours!
    18 shiny during community day in 3 hours time.
    While raiding a gible gym, i was kick out and no chance of catching a gible!
    I almost break my smartphone when going home because iam so piss off of the event
    I thought it will be an enjoyable experience, hence a hellish day.
    Imagine 4 shiny in 10 hours
    2nd day, july 26 at the start, i decide to çhange locations not nearby my home place.
    Had to travel around 5 kilometers away and check the places if the spawns are high.
    Whoa! It is much better, during the course of the day, had to grind more faster to make it up on the
    Losses on the 1st day.
    Same problem on freezing and restarting the app, good thing i have 2 phones with me,
    When the app hang, i switch to the other phone, to continue catching and re starting the other one
    I cannot attend to gym raids because need to catch up on grinding.
    After 10 hours of gruelling game play got 20 shiny mostly common mons I had already have.
    Not able to catch those new and exclusive is very disappointing.
    You called that Go Fest, it’s Going High Blood festival to me.

  41. Terrible play from Iceland, no decent spawns downtown, barely any shinies, got two from an incense, and I had to restart the game countless times because nothing was appearing on the map. Additionally, I was not able to log back into the game for about one hour due to network error. I am very disappointed with the event.

  42. Friendship glitch for 2 hours on both accounts. Main account never had Rocket Balloons & froze during raids: main account never found Cliff although second account finished the fest.

  43. The event was a complete and utter scam. No refunds were given out for crashing out of raids, shinies fleeing from people due to disconnects, terrible shiny odds so seeing them flee was even more soul destroying now try and imagine comforting a kid that has had that happen to them. Crashes all the time, couldn’t click pokemon for long periods of time, raids couldn’t be completed, friendship list wouldn’t show for the whole entire friendship event (Which wasn’t completed by the way) the event was a complete and utter scam.

    £14 for a rotating incence and rocket day event. Im sorry but jog on was it worth that.

  44. This was the first go feast for me and my family. During day one we had trouble with the friends list. Did think spawns would happening a lot more. Then day two we had trouble raiding. Got kicked out of local raids and remote raiding during the raid even with time left.

  45. So many issues! Was not able to access my friends list for hours on day 1! My adventure sync would not enable so during the whole event I only hatched two eggs! Only got 4 shiny (all on day 1), and I played pretty much all of both days! Wasn’t worth $15 thats for sure and never got an encounter woth Cliff…

  46. Yes many issues. Lost remote raid passes. Raid freezes. Minimal shinies in insense. If you couldn’t leave home you were just unlucky for the whole event. Same issue re friends list first hour. Lack of spawns in certain areas. Raid boss always the same from balloon. Had to leave home to get the most of it or it was a waste of the 20 we had to pay. You name it. It happened. A make up day would be excellent.

  47. we were 6 people walking around together. we experienced lagging both days. we could not see our friends list and could not use adventure sync the first day. When we found a pokemon we could either not press it or else not catch it. some of those I was with had a hard time getting into the game. and when I took the raid the game hacked and I did not get the pokemon.

  48. We had a group of 6 of us and the game seemed to lag a lot! Also we were kicked out of several raids, wasting raid passes and not catching the legendary. In some raids it would completely freeze and not allow us to finish, also wasting the raid pass and getting nothing. There were also many times when the screen would freeze and we would have to restart. My one sons account could not and still can not buy anything from the shop. It just spins and spins and spins. So he missed out on some raids on Day one because we couldn’t buy him passes. We were able to log into an iPad to buy things later in the day and it worked at first then started acting like his phone. It is very frustrating.

  49. Raids on remote pass, lost two because it froze in the last. So lost because the time ran out, all though I was about too win

  50. Game froze alot both days couldn’t get into my friends list to give gifts saying several errors on loading spawns were ok several times it froze trying to check pokemon to catch and check for shinys

  51. Yes couldn’t load friends list to send gifts or add friend. That finally got resolved thankfully. Then was invited to remote raids and lost two passes as server froze so the game restarted and I couldn’t rejoin. It said the raid not found. Very frustrating as it was the 5* that was only on day 2. Pokémon kept not being able to load any on screen so would have to reload game then would have to do 2or 3 times to get it to recognize my incense

  52. The first day my app wouldn’t open. And when it did my friend list would load or the game would freeze. I was unable to play at all the first day.

  53. i had to uninstall and reinstall several times. i was at work and tried playing at breaks meal times and down times throughout the day but with lures and whatnot it would freeze up and keep the same pokemon during the entire lure. same cp and everything. i did get just a few shinies whenever it would decide to work after a uninstal reinstall but that was very time consuming. and on the second day it was impossible to add new friends do snapshots or battle. it killed practically all my pokemon fue to lagging and freezing up with the raid bosses… i was so annoyed… not to mention my mom had similar issues and not once did she get a shiny or unknown

  54. So many issues with the 3 people and 3 accounts with me including myself Saturday July 25th all of ours didn’t work most of the time. We all had the same problems and changed up throw out the day. We didn’t have spawns a lot, couldn’t see friends, couldn’t open gifts, lost a few raid passes each, couldnt spin pokestops, froze up a lot giving us either a black screen or a white cloud screen, couldn’t access some gyms and if we did it froze or kicked us out, click on Pokémon pokestop it froze day 2 Sunday July 26th one player was beating leaders and it wouldn’t register that they were completed finally after a handful of times it finally registered another didn’t have any rocket balloons come around. So many issues probably didn’t name them all either but it was so frustrating

  55. Game keep freezing in battles lost lots of raid passes and Legendary Pokémon lots of money was spent can I
    Reimbursed of a chance to catch them again Because when the game glitches you cannot catch the Pokémon no matter excellent throws just saying otherwise it was ok thanks in advance The screen kept freezing when I would throw the ball to try to catch the legendary a lot of glitches

  56. I had so many problems mostly with raids I had to continue to reboot my game. I also had a lot of glitches and issues trying to play . Also I was in the country so the closet pokestop to me was 20/30 min drive away

  57. My game kept freezing and not letting me in, I would click on a Pokemon to catch it and it wouldn’t let me, my friends list wouldn’t loaf proper and it was slow all day for both days :/

  58. On my end it was extremely lagging on the first day but the second day wasn’t that bad an during the I miss out on the friendship hour of hit

  59. I lost several remote raid passes. Constantly had to get out of the App. The game constantly glitched. In the middle of catching a shiny, caught it. Rebooted the game. It wasn’t in my Pokemon. Had to message several times with no response. Wasted star pieces. Wasted lucky eggs.


  61. I must say that game play was good whenever I wasn’t restarting the app every 10 minutes or so. I couldn’t open my friends list for the better part of the first day and 2 hours after. Everytime I raided a tier 5 I would have to restart the game and go back in, but other than all of that it was good.

  62. Yeah very disapointed keeps on laging and spawn shiny is very little did not enjoy at all.not please make up to it

  63. Yes in Sweden as well was it much tech issues. The game crashed and you forced to restart many many time. I really hope the are doing make up event soon. I really disappointed on all problems both day. And also no dratini spawn on Sunday.

  64. My Pokémon for go fest was freezing, had to restart app several times. Hard time catching Pokémon that were rewards for quests. Lots of glitches

  65. So my area didn’t have a “go fest” themed spawn rate it seemed like a community day was bigger than this. Also the first day me and other trainers experienced lag and had to restart the app multiple times. The fire habitat was the worst experience and missed out on many potential shinies and hundos. The gifting process was very laggy as well and couldn’t access friends at times to open and send gifts when I wanted to all of these issues were all on day one. Day two was much better just because I moved to a different area because I was disappointed in day ones results. However many trainers in my area had it rough. Thanks for your time in reading my concerns. Hope we all get a nice make-up day.

  66. For the most part go fest was fun but there were obviously issues ranging from friends lists not loading, lag forcing me out of battles and being knocked out of a battle just after we won but before I could retrieve my loot, attempt to catch the legendary. Pokémon disappeared from the screen while throwing poke balls… My son found it very frustrating which is difficult as he is on the autism spectrum. All this aside, this is new territory for everyone so I feel like it will have been a good learning experience for us all.

  67. I have experienced three problems during the Pokémon party.

    I was kicked out of raids twice and didn’t get my passes back.
    4-5 times shiny Pokémons disappeared when I pressed on it to catch it.
    When trying to catch a raid-Pokemon, the screen froze and I wasn’t able to catch it when the game was working again.

    Other than that I think this whole thing has been great

  68. I tried joining several raids when invited by others and it kept telling me I couldn’t. I couldn’t access my friends list for several hours.

  69. I had lag issues and lost 4 remote raid passes due to getting booted and lost 6 more due to others getting booted and loosing the raid. I had many freezes and had to restart app at least 12 plus times. I have a galaxy note 10 with crap loads of power. Not only that but shiny spawns were more none existent than normal. Had friends find 20,30 plus i found 4. And even lost 1 of those due to an app freeze and not registering the catch uuuuhhhhgggggg

  70. My wife and I both had issues with go fest this weekend. Lagging, not being able to jump in raid weather we were close or using remote raid pass. Sometime we couldn’t even click on the Pokémon. Our friends even had issues on their app.

  71. I also lost a couple of raid passes. I was in the battle and then the battle froze completely. I was forced to force close the game and when I went back to the raid, I wasn’t able to anymore (when previous times this has happened I was still always able to join while the raid was still active). Then I tried to rejoin and was telling me I needed a new raid pass on the same existing raid. Froze so many times! Friends list wouldn’t load at all. Couldn’t invite to raids, my friends on the other ends lost their raid passes as well. Just chaotic!

  72. During the event, was not able to access friends list to send or open gifts. So, I missed all the rare candy Hope this will be for everyone who purchased a ticket!

  73. Raids had issues with lag when we had 7 of up doing raids we all lagged out and didn’t get any credit for completing any of them

  74. The game stopped in fights and ofte when catching pokemon. Did not Get in to my friendslist or shop. Many lags….

  75. We didn’t get to participate in the first friendship habitat and we lost two raid passes due to lagging.

  76. The same happened loss of raid passes and the amount of lags that happened were ridiculous had too close my app so many times severely disappointed this year…

  77. I definitely encountered more server errors, lag and issues than I would have anticipated for such a big event. I look forward to the make up event and hope you are able to fix any issues that occurred. This was the first time I could participate in gofest so I was a little disappointed in the games lack of performance.

  78. I experienced a number of times the game freezing when tapping a pokemon in the wild.
    there were also a few times when i tried to give a pokemon i wanted to catch, a berry, then after the berry, the pokeballs didn’t appear.

  79. * During Tier 5 Raid,the game crashed. Reopen the game and visited the same gym but asked for another pass.
    * No Shinies!
    * My character teleported to another location kilometers away from my current location hence making the pokemon fled.
    * Used incense durinh event once but only 30 Mins.

  80. Got kicked out of Remote raids when i my pokemons died and i tried to select new ones. Waste of Remote raid passes

  81. Me and my boyfriend had several times that our games wouldn’t load up or open .. it would freeze and we lost Pokémon .. we could open gifts at the time being told to because it froze and we couldn’t do anything except try to close the game and restart

  82. I had a great time.. but also some problems. Especially battling in raids it glitched and froze. Had to leave during and restart the app and then reenter. This happend 4 times. 2 times I made it back to continue fighting but lost time and others left because they thought 2 off us abandoned the raid. 1 time i got back and could try to catch the raidboss but got no rewards. Last time I couldn’t reenter.

    Friendlist was very glitchy and when we won the global challange I couldn’t access it to open my 10-15 gifts with rare candy.. very annoying.

    Couldn’t enter the app for about 15 min sunday.
    Othervice great fun, even though new pokemon spawns sunday would have been nice. Also thought I would get something out of all the tasks I solved in the weeks leading up to the event, but saw no difference from what I could get and my husband who also had a ticket but hadn’t solved any quests. Jeannie

  83. I was not able to access my friends list during friendship hour and I wasn’t able to finish 2 remote raids I was invited to.

  84. I couldn’t see my friends most of the first day, lots of lag and remote passes lost from being kicked out, not much spawning with incense either.

  85. Yes all day lagging out while trying to select pokemon. No friends list when needed to get the rare candies. Could not do any raids for the legendaries I needed. Feel it was a bit of wated money tbh.

  86. The game was very laggy and was unable to play most of day one. I lost two remote raid passes due crashing. Very disappointed day two was bit better but not the best Ggggg

  87. I lost 4 remote ride passes kept coming up with error and game kept freezing. I got kicked from a raid we were winning so lost a legendary
    Don’t know how many Pokemon I lost

  88. Kept lagging freezing I had to close out app multiple times it kick me off I rebooted my phone multiple times and made it really frustrating and hard to play! But knowing it was new for go fest to be able to to I figured there be bugs and glitches

  89. Frozen out of games, could rejoin battles and lost out capturing raid bosses and rewards. Lost items or never received them from shop, so lost coins after purchasing them.

  90. I had several issues. My friend’s list wouldn’t come up, I couldn’t access the shop, pokemon didn’t show up for me as well as shiny pokemon. While people around me got anywhere from 15 – 20 shiny I got about 4. I had to restart my app several times and then then it would open. I lost many remote raid passes due to getting kicked out and wasn’t able to get back in this happened on three occasions so I lost the raid pass and wasn’t able to get the pokemon. There was also a lot of lagging and freezing while playing.

  91. During the event, I was not able to access friends list to send or open gifts the 2. time. So, I missed all the rare candy.
    No shiny all Sunday ??
    Remote Raid did not work proper, and I lost 3 Remote Pass, as I was playing and the game crashed 🙁

  92. I couldn’t even log in for the first 4 hours on day 1 and then barely got any spawns. Day tqo I didn’t even see a ballon until 12.

  93. We were 5 persons playing together and could not send gifts at all during that challenge on the first day. We also experienced lagging some periods, mostly during the last hours of day one (GMT), and got kicked out of three or four remote raids without being able to get back in and rejoin, so the raid passes ended up being wasted.

  94. Yes. Lag. Game dead. No Pokémon. Remote raids messed up. Lost remote raid passes because I had to use more than one for same raid.

  95. Had issues with being able to see my friends online, game froze and made me waste a remote pass. And with all the loading time from having to reboot I spent more time trying to play than actually playing!

  96. M’y husband and I had several issues. My friend’s list wouldn’t come up, I couldn’t access the shop, pokemon didn’t show up for me as well as shiny pokemon. While people around me got anywhere from 15 – 20 shiny I got about 4 ans my husband get 2. I had to restart my app several times and then then it would open. There was also a lot of lagging and freezing while playing.

  97. My friend list was frozen in friendhour severin times and the the rest of the day 🙁 and Remote raids froze under the raid så i could not get in and catch the pokemon.
    The 2nd day there was to little pokemon spawns and half ran away anyway.. hope there Will be another time with go fest from Home , to all of US ho Can not get out of the House because og inhabilitys.. its ok to pay- If it is like saturday this tome again

  98. for 1,5 hour i could do nothing. the whole hour off the last friendchip i couldn’t open gifts or sent gifts. i didn’t see no spawns from the insenceor game.. the game was very very slowly . the last half hour off the fire hour, it was some beteer after they close the friendchip list.

  99. I experienced a ton of glitches, freezes, lagging and the game not wanting to load during the go fest.

  100. Myself and 3 others I was playing with had major struggles with connection , “navigation errors”, and getting the app to open. We even lost out on some raids because connection issues while getting into the lobby. Had fun but was also very frustrating and disappointing was not at all what I was expecting for such a amped up event. Hope the make up event is better…

  101. Had a lot of issues. Could not access my friends list or send gifts. The app would freeze and boot me out. Could not join raids if I was invited. This all happened on the first day. It was very disappointing.

  102. Day 1 I lost 2 hours gameplay not being able to load the game or catch Pokemon. problems raiding and catching Pokemon after the raids.

    Day 2 I couldn’t battle in raids or lost the ability to catch the Pokemon after raids. after forking out alot of money for raid passes I am pissed off to say the least. lost all the legendaries we beat and when I emailed them and asked for help they gave me 1 free remote raid pass! joke I lost so many Pokemon and all the legendaries.

  103. Yes there were quite a few problems:

    – remote passes were glitchy. they would not let invited people into the battles although there was plenty enough time for them to join after the invite was sent. Got constant messages from people telling me they cannot access the raid when I was showing 45 sec. left on the clock.
    – When you did invite somebody to the raid and it was finish ,your game afterwards started moving in slow motion. I had the close my game out numerous times to unfreeze it and missed out on numerous raid invites because of this.
    – Friendship hour the 1st time around was ridiculous. I was able to send 2 gifts with 15 minutes left and then because of all the glitches, we only had 4 minutes to open gifts to get the extra candies and a lot of people couldn’t even load up their friends list. I had 17 people that were about to tip over into best or ultra friends that I could not do until the 2nd time around for the friendship hour. If there wasn’t a second time around for that hour ,there would have been a lot more people pissed off.
    – The shiny counts were way off. I know some people who sat at their house/work and got 9- 15 shiny’s in one day and other people like me who spent almost all day in a neighborhood park and got two. Some people didn’t even get shiny’s on the 2nd day. I was in a park for 4 hours and got 1.
    – The same two unown letters both days. We figured we’d get the letters that spelled “fest” or “rocket” or “pokemon”. Everybody actually thought because it was the team rocket go fast on day 2 would spell out “rocket”. Highly disappointed in this.
    – Team Rocket leader balloons…. People were constantly getting the same gym leader over and over when they tap the balloon ,even if they move to a different area. A lot of people were playing the game safely from home and would only encounter one gym leader or Giovanni before they got to the part of the field task for him. One person gave up after encountering the same gym leader 17 times and could not find them at any of the poke’ stops in the park where they were playing. Other people had to beat the same leader numerous times before a different balloon floated down with a different leader.

    these are not only my complaints. there’s about 6 other people who are telling me the problems they had with the go fast over the weekend….

  104. I literally could not catch any legendaries and never saw one shiny. Game kept crashing idk how much $$ I lost and wasted buying your remote raid passes just to be kicked out of the raid not even 1/3 of the way into the match,then not able to get back in. We spent so much money on this weekend just to get nothing and now all you are gonna do is have a make up event that will do the same thing? What about our money?

  105. Game froze so much both days couldn’t get into my friends list to give gifts saying several errors on loading.. several times it froze trying to check pokemon to catch it would freeze when trying to invite friends for raids. It was so frustrating. This was my first time not sure if I will do it agine.

  106. My game lagged out every hour I was signed out or every time I had a shiny possibility pop from my incense and I used so many raid passes not to be in the raid and just kicked out so I’m more than tired and purchased 200$ worth of super incubators and hatched 260 eggs of pure garbage nothing from what they said would come out of 7km eggs

  107. I guess I am glad that I am not the only one. The first day I could bit send gifts and the app crashed and closed several times. Then when the friends list did pop up, halfway through the day, it was pain stakingly hard to send and open gifts. But throughout the day I had to close and reopen the app at least every 30 minutes. I would click in pokemon and it wouldnfreezrle. Then day 2 it was WORSE I put in a ticket cause I lost out on 2 Raid passes and was kicked out if multiple RAIDS or I was in RAIDS and it would freeze and I would have to restart the app and pray it would let me back in. They reimbursed me 1… the next day!

  108. Yes of course I am freaking frustrated! Bought passes saved some premium raid passes then have the game freeze when our groups would win the raid but due to a freeze not be able to get the trophy Pokémon !
    Customer service was nice but my sons account froze three separate times and he was only reimbursed for one remote pass which now handicaps his ability to travel to the pole stops with his group. On top on that the remotes were glitching multiple times from other group members! Like the game but could find more interesting things to get frustrated with!

  109. I lost a couple of remote passes. I had to constantly log out and relog back in. It would freeze up on me.

  110. Game constantly crashing. Having to restart, even in battles. Loosing remote raid passes because of it. Lures not spawning pokemon on and off all day. Ball dragging when trying to throw. Causing lost pokemon. Was my first experience to pokefest. Hmm mmmm.

  111. My boyfriend and I both experienced errors. Mainly glitching and freezing errors which we would have to constantly exit the app completely then go back in and when it came to raids we would get invited and when our pokemon fainted it would not let us rejoin the raid we were invited to to finish the battle and try to catch the legendary pokemon and would waste our remote raid pass that we purchased. We couldn’t access our friends list or send gifts and lost the first couple hours on day one due to glitching and freezing. The raid glitches happened both days of the event.

  112. Lost 5 plus remote raid passes. Also twice encountered a glitch where all my mons are knocked and I’m booted from the raid, with no way to return. Lost out on a Palkia and a Dialga because of that crap.

    Friend List glitch during Friendship hours which royally screwed me on rare candies and made the friendship habitat bonus useless.

    Disappointed in the lack of variety of spawns and the further absence of a fabled increase in shiny rates. Sure some people got 20 plus, probably with gotchas, but the grand majority I’m seeing got less than 10 in a 2 day, 20 hour event.

    Sure, it was cheaper than the normal Go Fest experience but let’s be real. The play experience was cheap and glitchy which then makes $15 not seem like such a bargain. Got a couple new things but overall could’ve just used patience, saved money, and got the same things eventually. Oh well… ‍♂️

  113. Had alot of problems to, app freeze all time and had to delete the gane and install again to play all saterday.. so Was not happy that day

  114. Got several errors all through out the day. The biggest for me was when trying to send gifts during the time where we had to send a certain amount kept getting errors. Also tried to remote into several raids and kept telling me I needed to get closer or just just not allowing me in or once I did get in and finished it froze on me and could not get back to where I was raiding. I reloaded several times through out Saturday and Sunday. For awhile not sure if it was the game or just me I had several Pokemon run on me. Like almost 25 in a row till finally was able to catch one again and continue on. Finally not sure if this was the game again or a error. I have several of my friends get up to 25+ shines while another fiend of mine got one for the whole time. For me I only 4 and played the full time each day. So not sure what was going on there. But very frustrated for sure.

  115. Unfortunately we did have issues with being kicked out of raids and no spawns and no shinnys ect. However, with that being said we did enjoy ourselves and are grateful for the event you put on. But really missed out on a few of the perks.

  116. I had a lot of lag. Could not open gifts, i said error every time i tried to open My friendship list. Could not intive to raid do to the lag. Could only catch a pokemon every 2 or 3 minutes…..

  117. Saturday event. my app keep freezing up and had to closed the app completely and start again. this happen several times.
    during a raid invite at least 5 raids that i got kicked out and could not get back in.. it finally stabilized later on the day.

    but Sunday was the same early on.. app freezing up and sometime it took a while to reboot and spawning stop even after
    i used several incense…later on the evening it started freezing up again and my friends are getting booted on raid invites.

  118. Well heard all about the Go Fest experience, looked forward and excited about participating in my first one. Well lets begin in on my experience…Multiple restarts all due to freezing and to top it off loss of raid passes!! Chances at raids, loss of legendary catch, spawns, and invites. Felt like i spent way more for Go Fest 2020 since i had to buy stuff due to loss and confusion! Definitely felt like a waste of serious $$$ especially since there wasn’t as many shiny catches in egg hatches and well I could go on and on about the expense and loss!!! Just not happy about my first Go FEST experience or lack there of.

  119. Like so many others, I spent s all my time with frozen gameplay, restarting, and an o ran of glitches.

  120. I had many issues, freezing was my main one. And when I clicked on a shiny unknown O after catch it wasn’t shiny. Have proof in pictures. That was a big let down, and the shiny spawn was horrible, I didn’t want it to be super easy, but I attending all of go fests this one was a let down.

  121. Lost 2 remote passes was kicked out of 3 gyms loosing out on catching 2 alt form Giratina and one regular Giratina. Only got to send 2 gifts when rare candy was available and game was unavailable for one and a half hours afterwards. No new spawns for new pokemon ever showed up or hatched. Not what i was expecting as my first time. Day 2 kicked me from 2 gyms and lost put on 2 5 star bosses no new pokemon spawned. Lag was bad fir two hours.

  122. We my sisters and I experienced a lot of lagging freezing unable to join raids was a little disappointed but we made the best of it as we do it for sister time but would love to experience it like working it properly

  123. I was unable to catch my raid bosses, lost 6 remote passes and could not open or send gifts during rare candy hours

  124. I had many issues during both days of the even as well as did my friend that plays a well!!! Lagging and then things were showing up like they should have been! Also couldn’t get the bosses the show up like they should have been during the games!!!

  125. I kept getting kicked out of raids! Also loosing my raid passes!! What a waist of money!!! Then if I was invited to a raid if I lost my Pokemon I was booted from the raid completely. It was awful!!

  126. First Pkemon Fest for me, so dont know how its used to work.
    When igot an invite to a raid in a nother country, and my 6 pokemons were down, i wasnt able to rejoin whit new pokemon, as its used to. It worked in mine own country.

  127. I loved Go Fest for the time I could play… I had trouble though (especially on Sunday). There was a lot of lag, was kicked out several times during raids and did not get very many spawns (even with incense and lures) . At several points in time I didn’t have any spawns for a good 10/15 min (while walking with incense) . I hope we get to participate in the new Go Fest… Day one was Fun but day 2 was a nightmare.

  128. Would close out while accepting raid invites, pokemon would freeze when I would click on them and plenty of lagging.

  129. I dident really catch anything interesting I only got like two shinys both days but I was there for both days all day and didn’t really catch anything

  130. My first 2 hours of Go Fest wasn’t working with my friends list and I couldn’t get into a raid. So hopefully a make up day soon.

  131. I had lots of lagging and raid glitches sending gifts was acting up as well. Pokemon glitched while trying to catch them too game would freeze. Forza slot making me have to close the game and reopen it

  132. Yes my game froze a lot, lost a lot of raid passes. Coult not catch pokemons cause they dissapeared when i clicked on them. Glitced in many raids. But loved that we got to join go fest and fun when it worked a little time.

  133. I was very disappointed i played both days full time got 2 shiny on day one and had many issues but day two was a nightmare and lost more raid passes on day 2 than day one but I kept on buying them so I would get something out of it.

  134. I couldn’t see my eggs half the time couldn’t open or send gifts constantly got an error message and when trying to get into the raids it lag so bad that half the time I was too late to join the raids. Kind of disappointing this is the first time I’ve ever tried to do one of these.

  135. I tried to play on both days the first day went by smoothly until about an hour or so had passed then lag just took over.. then the next day I went to check my items and saw that my go fest pass had gotten deleted out of my items so I purchased another one. Just for me to get on the set ever and not be able to really play anything…. no raids not many encounters nothing.

  136. Hi, same old, invited to join raids, got booted, couldnt get back in, uncatchable pokemon and serious game lag. it was my first go fest so did not know what to expect.
    thx for listening,
    Stay safe

  137. I got booted out of raids , and had to log off and log back on many times. My game kept freezing up. Lost time to play . Even lost shiny pokemon which stunk wish it was as good as the chicago fest from last year or the other fest that I see on videos just wish it was better , definitely not what I was hoping for.

  138. I’d click on a mon and then it would turn into something else and then into something else & then the whole thing would freeze. I got error messages when trying to open & send gifts. A few times when I’d be invited to remote raids it either wouldn’t load or it would start and then kick me out half way through. I also thought there would be more shinies. I thought that’s what made Go Fest worth the ticket.‍♀️

  139. Mine crashed so many times it was horrible and pointless. It happened to my son and daughters acct too. It was such a waste of money

  140. Me and my family over all enjoyed go fest but did have issued with our friends lists not working. Crashing during raids not getting the boss and still using raid passed and having to revive all the pokemon anyway. Overall it was good fun bit gitchy which was irritating at times.

  141. I couldn’t open gifts or send gifts the first day….when I battled and won the game would freeze and I lost my chance to catch the cool Pokemon…also I wouldn’t have bought a ticket at all if I knew half the proceeds were going to the black creators…I believe that to be extremely unfare to the other race creators and complete bullshit in my book…the game constantly froze and I had to continue to log out and back in both days… Also I feel like the researches were made for just small children…on day 2, mine was completed by noon…

  142. I had issues with the friend list. There where almost no shiny Pokemon. I had to restart the app several times. And many Pokemon ran away.

  143. Game was super slow & had to keep closing out the app and restarting. A lot of times when I clicked on a Pokémon if went to a black screen with clouds.

  144. I spent lots of money on remote passes only to get kicked out of the raid at start due to network issues. Tons of lag. Less than 4 shiny spawns for both days. The friendship hours on day one were unplayable. Lagged or lost Pokémon when clicking on them they would just despawn. I have an iPhone XS so it shouldn’t just be having crappy hardware. I was so sad.

  145. Lost close to 10 raid passes, couldn’t open the game for the first 3 hours, spawns were awful and gifts were not an option.

  146. I glitched out and froze on my remote raid passes. I tried to join raids got pass taken, joined raid, and just froze. Lost 2 out of the 3 free passes this way. Game was lagging both days, had issues opening up friends page to gift, and spawns would just appeared and vanishes and wouldn’t let me click to catch. Very bad experience and was my first ever Go Fest. Very disappointed. – MrFixIt1

  147. Yes, lots off lag, game crashing, low rate at rare pokemos like gible in rades and insence, low shiny rate, sometimes when I logged back the game just crash and I needed to restart the app again. All the time when rare spawns apears, I clicked on them and I just lost them cause the game crashes all the time…. Friend list unable during friendship hours….. And to invite friends to raids…. The best I got was from trades later on, with game play during both days was stressful during all off this…

  148. I lost at least 2 remote raid passes after beating the Pokémon. I also was not able to load my friend list most of the first day.

  149. Thanks for providing a forum to express our concerns regarding the Fest.
    The app froze continuously, particularly during rocket leader battles, leading to constant, disruptive restarts.
    Sending or receiving gifts was rendered impossible most of the time.
    Unpredictable outcomes during raids, thanks to lagging.
    Unreliable, setting at times, with no visible Pokemon at times when using incense.
    Shiny rate marginal at best. Frustrating shiny outcome, since I was expecting something somewhat akin to the Philadelphia event.
    In short, frustrating event.

  150. We had many issues on the first day of the event. Couldn’t open or send gifts, game kept freezing, app wouldn’t reload… it was very frustrating.almost quit playing.

  151. Was so excited for this event. What a let down friends list would not load, lagging, had restart phone numerous times due to screen freezing. Spawning was low and worst of all had shiny run when only saw 4 all day really was expecting more.

  152. I lost several remote passes that i paid for after pokemon fainted during several raids because in order to get back into the raid it kept saying either “walk closer to the gym” or “no group found” and even after buying a new pass to rejoin I wasn’t able to rejoin my group and didn’t get my legendary! I only found one new shiny that i never had and two that i did already have. 3 for 2 two full days of incense and paid event pass…. that’s horrible!! Shame niantic!

  153. Had a lot of lag issues, had to restart multiple times… only plus was the raiding which costed more money… Overall pretty disappointing!!!

  154. It was my first time experiencing a GO fest and very disappointed since the first two hours I could not do anything with their first community task of sharing gifts. Then the raid battles were a nightmare getting kicked out or having the software freeze up on me. I’m a casual player so wasn’t too “bent” about the glitches but I did want to see what special surprises were in the gifts received which I could not do. It was fun to invite friends remotely to raids. I hope they take their time and fix everything before doing a makeup day.

  155. I had horrible lagging and difficulty clicking on pokemon, had to regularly reload the game over and over.. several times I lost passes because I was invited to join raids and when I did, there was so much lagging that by the time my invite showed up the other players already started and/or finished so i missed it or lost my pass . I’ve spent so much money in this game that I would expect that I would have a little bit better shiny luck than just 3 in two days! Just annoyed wasting money I don’t have..

  156. In regards to your article I was a gamer affected by the remote raid pass issues and all Niantic’s CS did was give me 1 remote raid pass for inconvenience however I lost out on 5+.
    When I replied back explaining AGAIN that I lost 5 passes not 1 they told me they already issued 1 pass and couldn’t do anymore!!! Each remote raid Pass is 100 coins, 100 coins = $0.99… so essentially I’m out $4 and yes that’s not a lot but in the bigger picture of things think of all the money they just made off of those passes and all the players not able to use them or being compensated appropriately! 

  157. Purchased this for my sons 9th birthday alot of lags and errors he managed to get a shiny shadow mawile game froze logged back in arlo was gone talk about heart breaking

  158. Bad lag, had to keep restarting the game when spinning a stop or catching mons. and sometimes would take forever to reload, during the friends gifting, forget it, whole game was down until that part was over. also on a side note, i was at chicago fest 2019 and there were every pokemon in the game just about and the ability to trade with people for regionals and mons you didnt have, was pretty dissappointed in the repeat of the same mons all day when it did work… wheres the variety? it was go fest!

  159. I had lots of lagging. Screen would take forever to load
    Only got 1 shiny through the whole both days where others got heaps and heaps also got kicked out of a couple of raids and lost my raid pass ticket I brought lost of lucky eggs star piece and Insense to tract Pokémon but didn’t do hardly anything we don’t even have a Pokémon stop at the front so it’s hard to play especially with our town is in lock down and gotta stay home can someone put a Pokémon stop near our house please
    Wasn’t worth the money I thought it would be more interesting and exciting

  160. for more than half of the game me and others were not able to access our friend list. Multiple habitats forced the games the shut down and would not load back up, when it finally did was not able to do any game play was stuck with the lag. Lost a good chunk of time due to issues

  161. I had to keep restarting the game, I would try to catch a pokemon and it would freeze not allowing me to catch it.. would restart then there would be no pokemon. Kept having to restart over and over. Also friends list was not available.

  162. We hadany issues, remote pases lost, a legendary pokemon lost cause de screen Just frezze out. Many troubbles with de friendship list and all the troubbles with the app.
    My four year old son whas crying cause he lost a battle Just beacuse the app was out.
    We are from México and We didnt knew what to do, but wait and lost almost forst Day

  163. Hello from Denmark.
    This was My 1. GOFest and my sons 1. GOFest, we love Pokemon and love the Pokemon Go game, we have meny good Memerys and a lot of fun time with friends. We did have fun at the Go Fest event, but a lot of isus too. It was very bad at the 2. Friends pard, couldn’t send or open gifts at All, and meny in My comunety had the same problem.
    Love from DK

  164. There was tons of lag and crashing at the beginning of day one and for both days not a single shiny out of raids (after doing at least 20 shiny eligible raids). Most of the players I met were either experiencing unbelievable shiny luck from raids or were not getting shinies from raids at all. I had the game also reload in a completely different person’s account too. We noticed right away when we both went into a raid right away and our teams were identical (pokemon, names, CP). I quickly logged out and signed in to my account.

  165. I have keep freezing on me lagging error raiding lost few raid passes I didn’t see one shiny for me day two there were no giblets raids didn’t friends list error

  166. Extreme delay with gifts day one. Day two could not find Sierra to battle (still haven’t).

  167. I had a lot of problems both days I lost a lot of remote raid passes I could not load my friends for 3 hours I did finish day one 30 minutes before it ended i was concerned that I wasn’t going to finish day two was a little better I was able to finish with two hours to lift

  168. I had problems during the first friendship hour (11 am my local time). Also my friends list was also glitching on and off from 11-1pm. I couldn’t enjoy the bonus during the friendship hour (11 am). I also lost a remote raid pass due the servers being down. I would love to have a remake day if possible

  169. I got kicked out of raids & couldn’t rejoin, especially after blew through first 6 Pokémon. Got errors that said I wasn’t close enough to join remote raids. Got glitches that I couldn’t open my friends section during friendship hour. Got ball throw errors where the ball didn’t correctly throw too. But still thrilled with the event overall. Still had glitching today (Monday afternoon) with trying to join a remote raid (walk closer to join).

  170. I definitely did, for the first, hour and a half… couldn’t send friends gifts, gaming freezing, game lagging, missed out on pokemon that despawned, my GF son got so upset, that he refused to play anymore. Up until the last 2 hours.

  171. Lost a chance to catch one of the 5* legendaries due to not being able to rejoin, or claim it after the others defeated it, totally jammed up. Was last of my remote raidpasses…

  172. So sad and not right i paid money to be part of the pokemon go fest only to have half the day of not even being able to do the first task of getting a new friend every rime o sent out friend requsts was given error after error and seems i wasn’t only one had many on pokemen people chattex with say the same thing that they were unable to sent out friend request… by time was finally able to half the day was gone plus the new shadow one i couldnt find wasnt showing up whereever they said they were id go to the spot and wouldnt see it anywhere so never fot to collect it…. pokemon kept freezing up and or just logging off on me… few of the times i actually had shiny that couldnt get because of it either freezing up or just logging out was very frustrated and upset… few times i even had to totally restart pokemen go to get back in to play…. i think we as the pokemon players who put so much money and effort into this should get a redo day i never had so many glitshes on the game freezing and being kicked off as did for this event … wound up not being able to finish the tasks at hand because of so many glitches and problems the two days od pokemon go fest event … please give us as the pikemon fans that paid for thos event either a redo day and or even id say like 6 at least different decent unova shinys to make up for the peoblems and glitxhes we had for this event please and thankyou…. signed a pokemon fan of the game

  173. I was kicked out of several raids, or after winning the raid I was not given the Pokemon or rewards. Wasted several remote raid passes. Also, missed out on some awesome poke Mon.

  174. Could not invite people for raids in my neighbourhood, one time I could the invites never arrived. Leaving me with shortage of people to conquer the 5* and for that back out of the raid before loosing my passes.

  175. We had real bad lag which I truly believe got in our way of gaining so much more from the event suchs as joining raids and trying to catch the spawn. The game wasso slow at times and would even freeze…

  176. I wasn’t able to pull up my friends list on either of my two level 40 accounts for either friendship hour! Very frustrating!!

  177. My friends didn’t load, my invites to raids didn’t load, no shines, and my sync was turned off.

  178. The game lagged on several raids, I didnt get any of my remote raids passes back. I eventually stopped doing raids on the first day and barely did any on the second in fear it would lag out. The game wouldn’t load half the time and pokemon would disappear when I clicked on them or lag out and be gone by the time I loaded back up.

  179. I had no massive crashes. The app wouldn’t load half the time. Every raid would crash out. No Pokémon on the map, no stops. Completely disappointed

  180. Friends list disappeared and could not send all my gifts. Lost raid passes. Lost out on being able to get pokemon after raid. Could not join raids. Pokemon kept disappearing when trying to capture, game freezing.
    Sync would not turn on to hatch eggs. Buddy did not register new stops or battles.

  181. I had errors loading friends. Also I lost a remote raid pass to an attack form garitena . After getting into the raid it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me back in. After that I stayed clear of raids for the event.

  182. Yes 1st day was horrible lots if lag and the game froze alot and every time the habitat changed the game booted me out and it took like 20 mins to log back in I missed out on a shiny gible because I clicked on it it was shiny and the habitat changed before I could catch it it booted me out and I never saw a shiny gible after that

  183. I beat the arlo leader and it went to a black screen so I didn’t get to catch the Pokémon.. my friends list was all screwed up and couldn’t load most of the time.. did not see one shiny through the entire event! So much more but very disappointed!

  184. I had a lot of lag and couldn’t join some but not all games like the raid and lost some tickets but it was fun

  185. I’m in the UK. The game was working until the early afternoon, when the US game kicked in. I don’t know if they didn’t expect the numbers they got or what, but after that, the game became glitchy, laggy and almost unplayable. I lost a couple of passes to raids that either froze me out or froze everybody out, and wouldn’t let us back in, and if I hadn’t given up doing raids for the rest of the day, I would have lost a lot more.
    The Friendship global task was unplayable. My Friends list was completely empty, and so were the lists of the people I was playing with (socially distanced and masked, of course!)
    The second day was better, and the Rocket task worked fairly well, although there were several other issues that popped up, the same as before, with lags and freezing.
    Through both days, there were next to no shinies. I got 11, but some people got none at all, or just a couple, even though we were all testing for shinies all the time. Spawns were okay, but the actual mons were all trash, low cps and IV’s. I caught around 30 Togetic, and didn’t keep one of them. So thanks for the candies, but I’d like a decent Togetic, please. I ended up using the candies to evolve a Togetic I’d hatched from an egg last year. Other spawns were the same. And no shinies!
    I did like the idea behind the Fest, the rotating hours, etc, but they just didn’t work properly.

  186. Super disappointed, not only did it lag in spawns but it also lagged in raids! Took forever loading, wasn’t the best experience for the family or myself

  187. I’m not goin to get into long paragraphs. Yep 3 shinys, then the thinking ball for most of the event

  188. The game kept freezing and I had to kept force stopping the app and trying to reload the game. It happened while being invited to raids, catching Pokémon. Kept messing up while trying to open and send gifts

  189. Sounds like mostly everybody experienced the same issues then , more shinies on regular days, freezing, blacking out, error messages, no gifts, losing remote raid passes like I spent a lot of money for go fest (I was on a mission lol) but I literally lost like 8 of them and it was just really irritating. So a makeup day is only fair because I was about ready to give up the game , which really hurts my heart.

  190. As most, my family and I were greatly anticipating this event. Unfortunately due to the complications (lags, crashes, inconsistencies) myself, my wife and kids especially lost interest early. My wife and I knowing the value of the purchase ultimately toughed it out but it was difficult to encourage the same participation for two five year olds. Which was hugely disappointing to us as parents ultimately. We also felt the spawns/shinies were a bit underwhelming as we are avid watchers of bloggers who have experienced past events. Sadly we felt the second day was equally disappointing for it felt like it was presented as an under developed spur of the moment “event” (namely the variety or lack there of). BUT we love the game and how it allows for our family to have to bridge our generational differences nonetheless. Your programmers seem to do well with understanding feedback and addressing concerns. We look forward in partaking in future events!

  191. Go fest was fun! But my son and I lost some remote raid passes and the game froze for a hour not very many spawns either. Would be nice to have a do over only a couple shinys we were hoping for more.

  192. Issues with raids! And my catches weren’t in my box! Plus not a single shiny in the whole two days and I bought the pass.

  193. There were 4 of us playing. We spent the first few hours having to reload our app to be able to allow for a catch. Most of the times we received the message Network Error or This item can not be found at this time. Very disappointing since we had gone through close to the first 2 hours trying to reload over and over.

  194. Phone kept freezing up I lost out on some remote battles. There was an area in the store to place a code and I have an I-phone as does my daughter and there wasn’t any place to put a code so what the gifts were we didn’t get them. I played the second day trying to find Cliff and never did find him I still need to do that challenge and any after, if there was any. While I have your attention some how I lost my first account… poof it’s gone how can I get it back… I just started all over.

  195. My phone froze several times lost out on remote battles so did my daughters phone, we have I-phones. Also we were told in the store there was an area to put a code to receive special gifts, not in our stores. I never did find Cliff the boss mostly found J&J. While I have someone’s attention my first account just disappeared, is there any way to get it back, I just started a new account?

  196. I didn’t buy the ticket, but I bought remote passes to get the legendaries, and 2 passes were wasted cuz I was kicked out and couldnt go back in. The app also kept freezing on me.

  197. We had fun except for constant phones reloading because game froze but the worst was beating two or three gyms and then it froze and All 3 were legendary and it wasn’t even giving us a chance to catch them but instead took our remote passes twice and regular pass one. And the difference in 3 of us catching shiny Pokémon was not very even either

  198. GO fest 2020 day one. Was Very Laggy, couldn’t click on any pokemon hardly. Game Froze a few times. Had to restart it. App wouldn’t load. It wasnt a very pleasing Go Fest. DAY 2 was the same way.
    Trainer Name is Eeveenation2020.

  199. For Patriots1996
    Game on both days was very laggy. Wasnt able to do much as to have yo restart the game. Couldn’t join remote raid invites it kept saying Walk closer. We had the Remote raid passes.

  200. Eveenation2020
    Game lagged both days for Go Fest
    Didnt get to catch much at all.
    Couldn’t join Raid Invites as it was saying walk closer, when I have Remote raid passes.
    Had to restart game several times.
    Game froze

  201. I would be playing and my screen would black out and turn into a blue screen on the game multiple times where I would have to reset my game multiple times and my game I would get invites to a raid and it would tell me to walk closer even when I had a remote raid pass And I can’t walk closer when it’s across the states it happened multiple times even when I would reset my game it still would say walk closer I didn’t get really any shines but I guess that’s my luck it upset me when I raid and I go to catch the Pokémon and it goes to a blue screen I reset the app and the raid disappears and doesn’t allow me to catch it so it’s basically a waisted remote raid pass and I would get a lot of glitches and error messages when I click on Pokémon

  202. Yes, I had problems. I had to restar the game all the time. The game froz many times if there were shiny pokemons . It was enojoying. It often happens on days with shiny pokemons.

  203. I got thrown out of two raids without the ability to get back in, and I’m a third raid, the battle finished but froze at the rewards screen, not allowing the chance to catch it. That third raid was particularity vexing as it was a mon I’d been waiting a long time for.

  204. Hi there pokemon lovers .i had the same as well .. i was battle in raids and mine froze when I did battles. Trying to catch pokemon and mine would restarted or trying to catch shines as well and freeze as well and restarted the game and I would lose them .and i was very disappointed as well .if they do it again. Please double check with the game so that this never happens again..because spending money and you trying to have fun was is very sad .spending 25 dollars and try to have fun . On the day is very bad so let’s do something better ok .because a bad day should of been a good day ok .so let’s do better ok all the best from your friends Damien

  205. Yes I encountered 2-3 times using a Remote Raid Pass. The game Froze when we beat Dialga and Palkia. I had to restart the game thank goodness I was not that far from the gym so I was able to still walk and and the Dialga was still there but when I tried walking back for the Palkia it didn’t give me the option to catch it. Kinda strange as well I got invited to a Raid over in Australia and I used my remote pass but once my Pokemons died it didn’t allow me to go back. I had to purchase more raid passes and that was the only time it allowed me to finish the battle. I think that was Not Cool. It should just allow you to finish the battle with just 1 Remote Pass not 2 or more. Very disappointing.

  206. I already left a comment but forgot to mention that shinys weren’t coming up either. The first day my bf got 1 shiny I got 4. I know that they are random but for having to pay and with all the pokemon that whole day we should ave gotten more. During community day we get a lot more and thats a free event for 6 hours. Very disappointing experience. Just a waste of money because we didn’t really get anything.

  207. My family and i have 8 accounts and all those accounts had the same problem as everyone else on that day. No shiny encounter the whole day we were out trying to catch with incence and luring up stops. Watching other people putting all these shinies up on the main chat for my area and my family could not find one. We meet up with some friends during the day and they where having the same problem.. My partner and my children got so bord with the game that i had to look after all accounts trying to catch , for the money i had put into it, it was upsetting not to get any shiny that weekend.

  208. I participated the Go Fest makeup event, but did not get the freebies of 2 remote raid pass & incense, as I only opened the box at the end of the event & the system indicated it as ‘error’….. Since it was a box as ‘free’ with no indication of a time limit, it is very misleading & I am disappointed that I did not get my free items. What is the possibility of a second-chance gift box? Thank you .

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