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Pokemon Go Tour Kanto Bonus Makeup Event Announced

Update: Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go announced the bonus makeup event, featuring event-exclusive Timed Research and a free bundle. The ‘event’ runs from March 5, 2021, until April 5, 2021.

Previous Story: Trainers, Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event has started, and it seems that no event of this type can pass without problems. Many players who purchased a ticket for this event had major issues. Players report that they were unable to participate at the start of the event, couldn’t access the Research stories or the Collection Challenges, and some say that even they bought the ticket, the app was not letting them access the event.

Niantic and Pokemon Go announced a bonus makeup event for all paid ticket holders at a later date. They didn’t reveal when this event will start, but all players expect it to be soon.

Trainers, Thanks for your patience while we looked into the Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto ticket issues. We will be hosting a bonus event for all paid ticket holders at a later date. Please stay tuned for details.

Now, players are not only reporting issues with the tickets, they are reporting issues with the Go Battle League and with the Go Tour Kanto Timed Research.

Did you experience any server issues, ticket issues, lags, etc., during the Pokemon Go Tour Kanto event? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. I and many others have experienced major lag issues, issues with the game itself, tickets etc.

    Me and a group I’m in have lost a total of well over 40 remote raid passes due to bugs and lag.

    A handful of people from that group have experienced major issues regarding spawning and incenses.
    Some people had spawns, but their incense didn’t add to that.
    And some even had below 5 spawns per hour.

    Niantic has refused to reply to any of us.

    1. I experienced issues with this event as well. The spawn rate with incense was awful. The shiny catch rate was horrendous. I played the entire event from start to finish and caught very few shiny Pokémon. Lots of lagging as well. My game kept crashing and I had to restart a bunch. Very disappointed in the event. I hope the makeup event is better

      1. same here. only managed to obtain 4 shiny after using 6 incenses and I was outdoor walking all day as well. just rediculous.

        1. yea that’s exactly the same type of issue i’ve dealt with. i only obtained 7 shiny pokemon during this event i paid for. i played and went out to play the entire day. a friend of mine stayed home the entire event and managed to get 47 shiny pokemon..

        2. I had several shinies run before I oukd even give them a berry.i got 16 shiny in the 12 hours but it should have been way more

      2. Yes it was I payed to get shiny Pokémon and was upset also my screen would go white and when I got raid invites it said walk closer to gym I’m so upset after the wait!

  2. I had several crashes, raids sticking on the “GO” screen, raids not allowing me in with a remote pass (“you need to be closer to the gym” – it looked like it was using an Orange pass instead of a blue remote pass), and the game just freezing up on me.

      1. The problem I had during this event is that the two free items boxes with the 200 pokey balls, and the 3 free remote raid passes were never available to me in the shop! This is with a purchase ticket, and playing most of the day with the family restating the game often. I reached out to support through the game, and only got the run around??? Very disappointing!!!

  3. I experienced many issues.

    – Lag
    – Friends list wouldn’t load
    – Non existent shiny rates (especially with raids)
    -Game froze up constantly meaning I had to reset the game every 5 minutes (on a new phone)

    The event was also encouraged users to breach local lockdown laws, with research lines centred around battling NPCs at poke stops.

    Biggest annoyance was that the event was centred around completing the original pokedex.

    Yet many pokemon were locked behind a secondary pay wall.

    This wasn’t mentioned when tickets were sold.

    Niantic are nothing but greedy money hungry leeches.

  4. I had trouble with raids. For many of them it wouldn’t let me access my friends list to invite them, so I missed out on some opportunities. I restarted the game several times but it didn’t seem to help, and eventually things started working like normal.

  5. I tried to do the event for free, but it wasn’t good. I had the crashes, had to restart multiple times. No box in the shop, as promised for everyone, even after restarts. Not sure if the photobombs and special pokemon were for paid only, but I didn’t get any.
    No shinies. Not one. But I haven’t caught a shiny in the wild for weeks, so I suspect they’ve been nerfed.
    Not enough pokestops in my area for me to find enough challengers to do the timed research.
    I bought the Go Fest ticket last year, and was very disappointed, since it glitched so badly I probably got half the play I should have. That was one factor in making me decide not to buy a ticket for this event, plus the awful weather, plus lockdown restrictions. (The make up event for Go Fest didn’t make up for anything).
    So I gave up. It was impossible, and when it did work it was a tedious grind. Not enjoyable at all. I’ll continue to play, but I’ll do it for free. I’m not wasting money on passes that don’t work, and I’m not hunting for shinies, since I don’t get any.

    1. I do see where your coming from about go fest. The make ip event was crap.
      The kanto though was specific that the paid version did not have the increased shiny chance

  6. Had server issues and every time I tried to use remote raid passes it would just go to my premium raid pass and could not raid

  7. Had multiple issues with remote raids and seems to be an ongoing issue. Purchased multiple remote passes but when going in on a remote raid invite, the raid says I do not have any passes or move closer. Also had an issue with a few raids and the game glitching or lagging. Was invited to one raid, game glitched and I had to restart the game to get in. Thankfully I made it in time.

  8. -Definitely lagging and booting out of raids.
    -Issues with invitations to raids (remote pass required) and the system tried using local passes.
    -Could not invite friends
    -I could be mistaken but I thought there would be an increased possibility of shinies. We played the entire duration and traveled all over mid Michigan and I only caught two shinies. Thats feels like a normal weekend. Kind of a bummer.
    – We still had a good time. But after 22 raids for MewTwo and only catching 9. It felt like a real drain on my wallet and time.

  9. Increase shiny rates and exclusive increased spawns my BUTT. Only caught 3 shinies and not even from what was on the green special side. So stupid.

    Glad to see they’re making it up bevause im furious i spent $12 on this one.

  10. Very disappointing event. Game kept freezing and at the beginning, it kept giving me an error message when I chose my color so I suspect I didn’t have an alignment. Given my ridiculously low shiny rate, this is probably accurate. I’ve had regular playing times where I had a higher rate per hour. In a 12 hour event, I caught 6, and that includes the 1 given for completing the quest line. Also, having this event when parts of the US don’t have power or have had massive storms recently likely knocked out many participants.

  11. My game froze. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. It took me a while to finally get back in. Cost me a couple raids I was trying to do with friends.

  12. Lots of lag time, kicked out of game several times. No shinies, spawns were dismal and even regular pokemon would not go jn ball or would run away. Bit dissapointed in this paid event.

  13. My family and I (4 accounts) had major problems. We one of us were frozen almost every 15 minutes or so, we would catch Pokémon and then find that they weren’t being counted toward tasks, we kept getting kicked out of the app and having to log back in, it didn’t spawn what it said it was going to spawn, and we had almost no shiny catches despite playing for 10 hours straight (when it was advertised that there would be increased shiny rates for the Pokémon associated with the color you choose).

  14. what shinnies?
    raid kick/ black screen.
    event spawns/ regular spawn mix.
    lots of issues that seem to be resolvable with a make up day. ill gladly take a 50% boost in shinnies and better loot drops c’mon 200 balls to catch 151 Pokémon not expectable.

  15. My app would freeze when Intried to accept a raid invitation. It would be fine until the Go prompt then it would freeze. Or it would freeze right after the boss was beaten. I would lose my remote pass each time. Very frustrating. Then it started using a regular free pass and it would tell me to walk closer to the gym. It wouldn’t let me use a remote pass.

  16. I had an issue where it would not let me choose between the green or red option. I spent about 43 usd buying remote raid passes but periodically it wouldn’t let me join remote raids. It would continually try to use my raid passes meant for use if I were at the gym. Sometimes it just kept saying to walk closer to the gym when trying to use remote passes. There were several bugs that definitely need fixed. I look forward to the make up event!

  17. I could not finish the challenge that required you to battle challengers with your buddy. I battled with my buddy all afternoon but it didn’t work and I was unable to complete this task.

  18. I had 2 different shinies disappear from my account. One being a hitmonlee and the other being a shellder. I Always star my shinies as soon as I get them to ensure I don’t accidentally transfer them even if they have poor stats and I only traded pokemon that I already had multiples of so I know I didn’t accidentally trade them either. It really sucks to pay for an event like this and then get screwed out of such rare pokemon. If it it had been shinies that are easily accessed I wouldn’t even care tbh.

  19. Super lag when raids cant even use berry only 1-2 shinning Pokemon like after 20-30 Pokemon seen big disappointment paid 16 dollar for this hoping for a bones make up till then iam giving this game a 1 star rating

  20. The whole thing was a con.shiny hunting taken over by having to do dumb battles and doing raids locked behind a paywall that was never advertised or most wouldn’t have bought the ticket.this is the first paid event without a free regional,such a scam

  21. My girlfriend and I both experienced lag issues that resulted in missing raids, losing raid passes, missing out on catches, etc.

  22. I actually had a good experience with the Kanto Tour. 24 shinies, many of which I didn’t originally have, and I managed to complete the collection and medals and research tasks without difficulty. Incense was spawning pokemon every 30 seconds, I didn’t lose any raid passes, had a couple of game crashes but nothing major.

    My only gripe was that for the cost of the ticket, we should’ve received enough (free?!) remote raid passes to complete the raid collection challenge. I ended up having to spend extra for additional remote raid passes. The extra daily passes were pointless as most of us in the UK are confined to our houses!

  23. Lots of lag
    Crash had to reload Pokémon a lot
    Very little shiny’s
    Trouble with the raid not letting us in and us loosening passes

  24. There wasn’t too much lag on my end but there was a few glitches.

    1: was that the regular pass would pop up once invited to a remote raid pass. I would have to close my game and reopen it so the remote raid pass would be put in.

    2: once finished any raid, there was about an hour where I would try to curve my ball to catch the Pokémon but it would get stuck mid animation then let go. I lost 5 passes resulting in not catching the Pokémon because of it.

    3: once invited to a raid and have completed the raid, the raid invite would stay active and would not go away even after closing the game. You would have to close the game then wait for about 5 minutes before going back on. Only then would the notification box would go away

  25. My biggest issue was that we are in lockdown, self isolating at home and couldn’t get out to finish the first task. We had lures on all day and only got a handful of shiny. We get more on a community day which we don’t have to pay for!

  26. Typical niantic “Only for ticket holders” when everyone was affected and the majority of the problems were outside of ticket exclusive content. Just another reason why you should play F2P.

    Game repeatedly freezing
    Half your screen not responding
    Getting stuck in chat windows.

    The list goes on, This was probably the worst event to date.

  27. Raid battle invites were impossible to join due to a message that said there was a code needed even though the person sending the invite didn’t choose a code. No trainers show on the screen in raid battles. Lots of raid battle glitches.

  28. For me I was very disappointed to have travelled let’s just say a lot locally and into the city to
    Find certain shiny Pokémon and some were over 500 check and no shiny.. also my special research did not start until yesterday a day later . Well it’ll be another day off work on the make up event we should get a full day for it not a couple of hours like the event that messed up last summer..

    I did have lots of fun playing and trading shines with my kids and wife and getting several lucky trades in the process!! 😀

    Thanks Niantic!

  29. Very frustrating, I found myself having to log out constantly and back in only find the same issues. Which were not being able to join raid invitations and when I tried to join the wrong raid pass would pop up and I still was not able to join. Also, constant locking up which was also very frustrating.

  30. I’ve been having problems with Go! all week. Trying to make me use regular passes for raids I’ve been invited too, game crashing or freezing all the time. I’ve restarted my phone, checked for all updates ( app and phone) closed everything else that was running…. Yesterday was the first event I had been looking forward to for a long time and it was also the most disappointing due to errors and in-game issues.

  31. My Fiance, my son, and I all purchased tickets and did not receive a Shiny Ditto at the end of the Timed Research. We all received a regular snorlax while our relatives and peers who purchased tickets got their Dittos.

  32. I kept battling with my Buddy for one of the challenges, but it was not accepted. I did not get the price. Also, the raids didn’t work properly.

  33. I had the basic problems as some have mentioned above concerning the remote raid passes. One problem I did have
    not mentioned yet was under the timed research with the Go Tour challengers. It gave me credit for beating the challengers
    but would not give me credit for the “battle challengers with your buddy”. I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. I
    changed buddies and even deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing worked. So maybe someone can look into
    this problem as well.

  34. I got No shinies all day. I bought the pass because it promised increased shiny rates. My screen kept flashing sort of like an overlay of fragmented images. It gave me a headache but rebooting, restarting…nothing made it go away. Didn’t get the pack of 200 pokeballs+ that was mentioned to be included.
    Friday I was invited to a number of remote raids and it kept trying to add a green pass not a remote pass and I could never join.
    There were really too many different things to follow. So many different tasks to complete it was hard to keep track of them all. There were, what 4? News links, all with blog links. Needed one good summary page of everything to reference while playing so you didn’t have to keep.going back to find where this one thing was mentioned so you could make sure you got the timing right…then go back to your game…oh wait wasn’t there something else related on another one of the news feeds??? It was too confusing.

  35. Very disappointed with all the issues, had to restart alot, issues joining raids, the lag was horrible having hardly any pokemon spawn on the incence. As a ticket holder I actually expected to see higher shiny rates.
    Didn’t see anyone get a shiny snorlax in ontario Canada chat groups.
    Very disappointed

  36. One of my biggest complaints besides the lagging and increased amount of crashes is the pure frustration in raid catching. Especially mewtwo, my balls would get stuck in mid throw and hang in the air. Then I’d have to try and throw my ball six times before it became a successful throw. Absolute pure frustration with that, but towards the end in the last 2 hrs was much better.

  37. So many issues. I wnjoyed the event but feel I was deceived when it comes to shiny Pokémon. I faint think I would have purchased ticket now in retrospect. I used 8 lucky eggs and countless incense only to catch 5 shiny. Lost many passes due to glitches in the game. And friends around me who didn’t buy the ticket we’re getting a ton of shiny Pokémon. I feel as tho I was ripped off. Why am I paying extra money to get less than those around me who
    Did t pay the extra money.

    1. I had the same issues as most. Lagging so badly I couldn’t catch half the time, remote invites telling me to walk closer, crap shiny rates, low spawn rates on pokemon with shiny chances such as ponyta, shellder, and kabuto, raid shinies were ridiculously low, my game kept crashing, and honestly, it was supposed to be a shiny event. We had to choose between raiding for regionals and grinding for shinies in the allotted hours.
      Also, the challenge and trade requirements to complete the special research are prohibitive to social distancing, or even if you’re a rural player or someone trying to play in a freezing climate. The raids should have been a separate day. All in all, disappointed.

  38. Had some issues

    Game kept lagging and froze up had to restart my app constantly through the event
    Had incense on all day and at times had either no pokemon or maybe 5.

    Pokestops and gyms disappeared at times
    And then would require a restart of the app for them to appear back

    Lost a bunch of raid passes due to not being able to use remote raid passes but asking for reg passes instead for remote raids and asking to walk closer.

    Not sufficient Pokémon spawns in an hour span sometimes had maybe had 10 spawns in half an hour

    Not the same shiny probability for some of the Pokémon specific to the color. For example I was looking for a shiny ponyta and I got maybe 9 ponyta to spawn the whole event however I had tons of bulbasaur to spawn but not 1 shiny bulbasaur showed up

  39. I bought a ticket and chose green but not my ticket has dissapeared. I am super upset because I wanted to get the shiny mew. This needs to be fixed. I can only hope the makeup event also includes the shiny mew

  40. Continuously tried to use remote raid passes and it would not allow me to enter raids by telling me to “walk closer” when I was in a completely different state or country. They are REMOTE for a reason! ;( Then several other times I would be in an active raid and it would glitch and kick me out and again when trying to re-enter after it kicked me out would say walk closer preventing me from re-entering and losing the pass. And no time was not up! It also never allowed me to open the event gift boxes. So basically I paid $13.99 for 1 Kanga, 1 ditto and 2 new shinies because I bought the ticket when first released. Oh and the 2 “free” community days that it came with that turned out were not free at all, they just added it to the price paying 3 at once was crap too. Definitely would not have bought them solo. Wasted money for sure and disappointed.

  41. My husband and I bought our tickets as soon as the event showed up. So excited for this event. However we were not able to get in to raids and had to continually log out of the game and log back in. We played from 9 AM to. 9 PM. We picked up every single Pokémon and still were not able to find the guys on the tasks. We spent 75% of the day taking turns driving around looking for the Pokémon. And the rest of the time at home. We used an incest all day It was sad that we paid the money and put time and effort and we’re not able to receive what was promised.

  42. Too much crammed into one day for a start. The Go Challenges were too much time suck for too little reward. Too many raids to actually spend time catching in an event that was, if I’m not mistaken, aimed at CATCHING. Shiny rates horrible except for more common characters. Very few of the ticket-only characters spawning and the shiny rates for those practically non-existent. It was basically spotlight hour all over again–a lot of checking, catching for no reward only this time, we had to pay for getting boned.

    Add in being forced to go out when we’re supposed to be social distancing and making trades a requirement when not everyone has people to trade with, and this will be the last paid event for me. I’m a long-time player. A rural player who has had to pay to play from day one just to get close to a level playing field with urban players.

    Sorry, #Niantic, but it might be time for us to break up.

  43. For a while now I have issued with the game in general. Yesterday was no exception. I had to constantly exit the game and attempt to get back in. Remote raid passes would be used when attempting remote raids, instead it tried using premium passes, which I’d then lose out on the raid. There was a sever lag and randomly the game would freeze. My son even lost a pass as the game froze up as we went into the raid and he couldn’t get back in.

  44. Major app issues, glitches in raids, balls, spins, app freezing up causing loss. Pretty upset I payed for it. I hope the makeup is a good enough redemption.

  45. Couldn’t access the research for a couple hours. Raids would not let me use my remote passes. Bonus items not available until more than halfway through the event.

  46. Like many other players i consistently could not access friends list. The battle platform kept trying to use a local raid pass when a remote pass was needed. Four shinies in total. Lolol. A huge lag in raid battle play. Many wasted raid passes. All on all what should have been an enjoyable day ended up being a day of stress. We will think twice before purchasing a pass for the nect Go day.

  47. The app kept lagging. I played all day and only got 2 shinys. Everytime I tried to throw a poke ball it’d stop in mid air. I only did 2 raids and it said I used all my passes. I had more than 2 passes.

  48. I’m glad I’m not the only one that experienced the glitches. I was not able to complete the time to research, even though I kept checking snapshots of Charmander it was not registering on the app. In addition, I could not really complete any raids

  49. I had major lag issues. My game kept freezing on the main screen or after catching any pokemon and was crashing. Had to restart my game multiple times. Raids weren’t letting people in them when I would invite them or they would invite me and it wouldn’t let me use a remote pass.

  50. I definitely experienced lag issues and lost a raid pass. The game crashed periodically, I couldn’t send gifts when I needed to. The friends list didn’t work well. The game said something was done that I hadn’t done yet and then changed back. I had to restart periodically and that mean I missed raids.

  51. Along with many others, I had a lot of issues during the event. The server shut down multiple times in the middle of catching legendary Pokémon after raids. Also during gym battles to complete field research. I was really disappointed in the entire event and think doing a makeup event is necessary and great for those who purchased a ticket and are dedicated to the game.

  52. I lost probably half a dozen raid passes due to being kicked out of the raid just after it started. GPS signal was shoddy and caused a lot of lag in the game.

  53. Couldn’t successfully finish a shadow boss battle. Started right before the event started and went through till I finally tried it again today. I had fought the bosses about 3 or 4 times in a row before I realized it wasn’t going to work out. I did finally get a shiny from it when it finally went through.

  54. I didn’t see one shiny all day. Neither did my son. We kept getting kicked out of the game, lost raid passes and my incense didn’t (and, still won’t) spawn any of the Red version Pokémon.

  55. Had issues mostly with game freezing resulting in many restarts. Had incense spawns not associated with the team selected. Shiny rates for team I felt were almost non existent. Unless those spawned while game was frozen. Issues with getting into raids remotely. Would not use remote pass tried to use regular pass to enter, resulting in missing raids. After playing go fest with major issues thought the bugs would have been worked out for this one. Hope the makeup will come without issues and shiny rates at community day level for the inconvience.

  56. For about an hour at the beginning of the event I could not choose my ticket color. Then when I try to do raid battles it would not use a remote raid pass, it used a regular raid pass and of course I couldn’t participate in the raid. I was not able to catch certain Pokemon in order to complete the evolution challenge. I never saw any Oddish, Ekans, Mankey orr Growlithe. Also not very many Nidoran. So I am very short on candy to evolve these Pokemon and I don’t think I’ll be able to trade anywhere near enough to complete the evolutions. I’ve been trying to catch some now that the event is over with an incense on but still not seeing any of those Pokemon. I don’t know how we’re supposed to complete that evolution challenge if we don’t get a chance to catch some. Also the game was laggy on and off during the day. I played for the entire day and had incense going the entire time.

    1. I am trying to catch zubat. Since monday I ran 60 km spinning every pokestop to check Defeat 2 Team Go Rocket Grunts for zubat reward. But after completing many tasks I just got 6 venonat, 3 nidoran(f) and 3 nidoran(m). No signal of zubat in the research. I’m struggling to get zubat since it didn’t spawned in the event. I am furious because Niantic get our money but don’t let us to play.

  57. I had a problem with a remote raid, Which I couldn’t axcess, and it remained locked on my screen for half an hour . I also am not happy with the small amount of shinies. I never found a mankey, spearow, oddish etc and it took til the last 3 min of this all day event to finally get a shiny lickitung. I know this wasn’t a community day, but I think the advertising for this event was sorely misleading.

  58. I’m having issues with three of the raid quests… There’s farfetched, Mr. Mime and tauros I still need to get from raids and its only the second day and they’ve not appeared at all in raids all day…. The second issue I’m having is completing the other quests because even though I put lures and use inscense the pokemon I need to appear just don’t appear… I hope this make up event will happen soon before the 7dayd has finished I’m to afraid that the quests will vanish uncompleted if the make up event doesn’t happen soon.

  59. I had a few issues:

    -raids that I wasn’t close to wouldn’t let me use my remote passes. Defaulted to premium passes. Which resulted in losing the raid

    -the game crashed several times in the first few hours.

    -after the crashes, my shiny rate and increase rate disappeared all together.

  60. When I tapped on a challenger on the pokestop, it wouldn’t let me exit off so it glitched and stayed so without letting me leave the pokestop. It did this on multiple occasions but an easy restart of the game helped.

  61. I played the whole 12 hours, but there were constant lags and crashes. People that didn’t even pay for the ticket got far more shinnies than I did.

  62. I beat a mewtwo raid and the mewtwo just stood there for minutes on end and i never was able to catch it one of my 3 friends was able to but i wasnt

  63. The group I was in and I experienced tons of issues. Game kept freezing and we had to restart every five minutes. gyms wouldn’t work, raids kept crashing. And I think we got like 15 to 20 Shiny between the seven of us combined….

    Not to mention all the money wasted on incense. It was supposed to last three hours and hours only did the usual. The go tour challengers at the stops were very annoying. And it made hitting the PokéStops annoying.

    For all the money that we waste so, the make up of it better be worth it. Or never again. This was our first event Like this. We played back in 2016 to 2018. But you know life and all. We came back about six months ago and were hoping for great things…. and all we got was frustrated. ‍♀️

  64. so many lags on mine and my gfs device, in the middle of the event got so bad, it was lagging while trying to throw a ball, had to restart the app every few minutes to get a few more minutes of play time, the friends list wasnt loading so friends missed invitations, we played 11 of the 12 hours (we took lunch break) and only 13 and 14 shinys, not that i feel entitled to get more, but we went tru all 600 pokeballs we had saved for the event so the rate was still pretty low… the fact that the regionals were only thru raids was very misleading and greedy on their end… and a friend couldnt finish the collection because it said “8 days remaining” but oh surprise the regionals were only available during the event

  65. We started late (11am PST), but both hub and had incense on and have about 10 pokes that spawn at home. Neither of us saw a shiny for 3 hours. Then all the sudden we both got 5 or so an hour after that. It seemed to us, shinies weren’t boosted for awhile at all. We also had lots of GPS issues with remote raids. Lastly, we barely saw any of the mons that were exclusive to us (red). We saw lots of pokes that were overlapping, and lots that were supposed to be exclusive to green. So strange. I really wanted oddish and only saw about 5 total in 8 hours of play.

  66. I was disappointed in this event. I bought a ticket 2 weeks before the event. I had problems with raids and the shinys didn’t seemed increased at all. Game kept freezing and glitching was very frustrating.

  67. Game kept lagging. Incense kept glitching. Would freeze.

    My purchased remote raid passes wouldn’t work. Game kept trying to use regular raid pass when invited to remote raids.
    So I couldn’t complete the raid boss research

  68. I had problems remote raiding. I had 5 remote raid passes but when I tried to use them it would boot me out saying I needed to purchase remote passes. Also my game would freeze in the middle of a catch over and over all day. I lost 2 shiny catches and 2 raid catches thanks to this glitching. My total shiny catch all day was only 5 and they were all regular pokemon that I already had. I was very very disappointed with the so called increased shiny rate.

  69. During the event I expected to see more shiny Pokémon as promoted, I only encountered a couple like a normal day. I also experienced lags and loss of GPS when trying to raid which caused me to loose raid passes and not be able to catch the Pokémon. I had to reload the app every hour to keep it working. I used over 9 raid passes and water over 1500 coins getting them to loose half of them on loss connection. Highly disappointed with event. Hopefully the make up day will provide more raid passes then three and better connections.

  70. I experienced a few issues. The game was lagging bad, didn’t get a whole lot of shinies especially the ones I wanted instead got the shinies that I already had from previous community days, also didn’t get one psyduck the whole community day

  71. I had same lag issues and issues with remotes would be in for seconds and kicked out. . For while everything ran away. I had a shiny growlithe run with a golden ras and ultra ball. Everything for the next while (30 min or so)seemed to flee after 1 throw. Everything that I was able to do was awesome. Wishing I was able to enjoy the whole day. Only a few shinys had a couple run on me.

  72. The game kept freezing and trying to
    Use premium raid passes instead of remote raid passes so I wasn’t able to do raids and some mon I caught didn’t register

  73. I started the game at home (on my wifi) and it was fun, so I decided to go out so I could do the trainer battles for the timed research. As soon as I got far enough from my house the issues started. Had to restart the game about 4 times and only reached the 2nd page before I got so frustrated I went back home. Since I paid for the event I went back out before the event finished just to finish the timed research. I got more shinies at home then being out

  74. We had the worst time with the event. Had to keep logging in and out of the game because it kept locking up. Between 3 accounts and playing all day we collected 9 shiny Pokémon, only one was different than any we’d seen before. We also were unable to claim the rewards from completing the research that was just for the day.

  75. We had multiple times where we could not join raids we were invited to. Even though we had remote passes we were told to walk closer. I had to restart my game at least a dozen times because it would freeze. Even with well over 2 dozen trainers in our group raiding multiple times all day there was never a shiny Mewtwo, not one, for any of us. In fact, the only shiny seen in a raid for any of us was a Kangaskhan from a remote raid overseas. I had a good number of shiny Pokemon during the event, but my husband who was next to me all day had only 4, and three of those were duplicates from community days. The one shiny he did not have already is now the world’s most expensive shiny Bulbasaur.

  76. I experienced major issues during the Kanto tour. I experienced lag issues, remote raids trying to use regular passes, being kicked out of the game and not being able to log back in for an hour and many more.
    I’m disappointed with the event and I figured they would have learned from the last Go Fest and fixed the issues.

  77. I bought a ticket. Had a few issues with raid invites and lost some passes. Game kept crashing through out the day and I quite often had just a black screen.

  78. 200 pokeballs were promised as part a ticket purchase. A box appeared in my shop with the 200 balls during the event, however i didnt claim it before the event ended because my item bag was full the entire time. I figured id be able to claim it later but at 9 pm when the event ended the box dissappeared… i just feel like since i bought the ticket the balls should be mine even if i couldn’t open the box right away

  79. No shiny’s at all playing the whole event!

    Couldn’t get in raids-
    Game kept freezing and had to restart losing either a raid or something I was trying to catch that could have been something really good-

    I’ve had better community days with amazing amount of shiny’s so why is it all the “you tubers” promoting nianticd game weren’t effected. This just isn’t right and I am very disappointed I even paid for this event. This was a complete waste of time and money to the fans.

    What hey need to do is have a make up event soon I mean within the next two weeks and increase the odds of shiny’s if not I see no reason to ever put another dime into this game or even quit altogether. This just isn’t right or fair to anyone that experienced this problem. And don’t tell me it’s just a game when millions pay money to win or enjoy this game all the time.

  80. My husband and I had several issues with raids and the game freezing. I lost a Mewtwo from a remote battle because of the game freezing and when I opened to go back and catch my Pokémon the raid had ended. My husband couldn’t invite anyone to raids for most of the day. We both had to restart our games several times while incense was being used… ‍♀️ We had fun but the glitches made it very frustrating.

  81. Yes, lots of issues. The entire event I only got one shiny, one and I was playing all day. I chose the green version, it gave me the red version. Incense was non existent, you power it up and it didn’t spawn like it should’ve.

  82. I played 12 hours straight. Raiding and incense. Was playing from mexico. Got 3 shinys one was a cd pokemon. About 1 every 4 hours

  83. The game lagged it wouldn’t let me join raids and I click on a Pokémon and it would just disappear. Very disappointed with this event.

  84. At first i had trouble even loging in then issues with things loading, lag was very real worst then dail up but came right around 40mins into the event for me but lots of my friends and pokemon community people in groups were still saying they had issues for a very long time.

  85. I only got 2 shiny pokemon, few if any pokeon over 1 star and I played all day. not to mention no ditto showed up any the shiny Mew didn’t either! a total waste of time and money. those who didn’t buy a ticket caught more of everything than I did.

  86. Glad to see I’m not the only one pissed. I went with red simply because I wanted the shiny ponyta. I bought the ticket for me and four of my kids thinking one of us would at least get one and I would have it. Each one of us only caught at most three shinies – variants of two- that’s it. shiny rates were abysmal I wasn’t expecting community day rates but I was expecting to get a majority of the ones promised for the red ticket. This was the most disgusting money-grabbing scheme Niantic has ever put out. if their makeup event isn’t really good I am seriously considering dropping the game all together sure I love pokémon it’s an amazing adventure but I am not about to keep dropping money into a game that does not care about its players

  87. Our family all purchased tickets and experienced app crashes throughout the day and even encountered shiny Pokémon that fled like what happens with a soft ban. For approximately four hours, we were at a park and the app would just spin. I am very happy to know there will be a makeup day. Especially since there were numerous tasks unable to be finished due to these issues. We spent hours on Sunday trying to find Pokémon in the tasks but mostly to no avail. Lots of raids but no Mr. Mime. Numerous Pokémon nowhere to be found that needed candies for, etc. We even drove to area towns and used tons of incense. It would be nice to get another event box to replace our raids and incense lost. All in all, it was a wonderful event and looking forward to more! Thank you for giving another opportunity to participate! We love this game!

  88. Had a lot of trouble with raids and raid passes. Lost three remote raid passes that I paid for because I kept getting kicked out.

  89. I paid for the kanto tour event and it wouldn’t even let me use my ticket, I tried it all through out the day. I have also been having issues with the game when ever I use an incent, when I use it a pokemon will pop up and disappear as soon as it vibrates to say there is one, this has been going on for months. Also been having alot of lag, and problems with raids and when someone invites me to raids it will let me use my remote raid pass and then I don’t get to do the raid and I end up losing the raid pass, it has done that at least 50 times in the last 3 months. I’m getting tired of paying for things and getting jipped out of my money. I love playing this game with all my friends but I’m about ready to just uninstall the game and stop playing it.

  90. I played the whole event from 9am to 9pm.. and felt bummed and disappointed… clicked on everything… and only three shinys I already have… went driving around for 12 hours with my wife that purchased a ticket as well and she didn’t even get a shiny the whole event… we were so done with events after this experience… it was our first event … probably our last…

  91. In addition to the other problems already listed, I had problems with the raids. I often got kicked out of raids I was invited to. I also kept getting the message to walk closer to the gym when someone invited me to a raid and I was unable to assist in the raid.

  92. I would be battling in a raid and get kicked out and could not get back in the raid. I also could not get in a raid I was at. It kept telling me to walk closer and I was right next to it. Also I would get completely kicked out of the game and have to resign in.

  93. I was playing together some friends which didn’t pay for the event. I noticed spawns were different. Some pokemon I needed were visible in the wild on their screen but not on my own screen. I tried to restart phone but pokemons still missing on my game screen.

  94. I started PoGO since it practically came out. I probably spent way too much for the game but I never regretted it as it was always satisfying experience thinking I got my bang out of my buck.

    I enjoyed last year go fest that I thought this year would be a success esp covering my favorite Kanto league in-depth. I’m not going to lie, this go fest was a big failure especially for those who actually paid $11.99 USD. I been trying to contact support Niantic that I kept getting the failed to choose version and stuck on that even after uninstalling the app or playing on another phone. Bottom line they f’ed up. I cleared my schedule to participate in this event and all I got was a few Mewtwo Raids. I really couldn’t do much other than that to make use of the event in any way since I was locked out of missions. This is the first time I felt PoGO snatched my $11.99 and experience to enjoy it. There better be a good makeup for this, I’m shut out of a shiny ditto and mew in the timebeing.

  95. Tons of lag had to restart a bunch of times and the town closes to me with gyms drove around for a few hours waiting to mr mime raids and kangaskhan they never popped up so lost out on those as well

  96. Hardly any shinies and j played non stop. I also think I saw one belsprout. Not sure how I’m supposed to evolve him twice. Even with trading that’s a rediculous standard to set

  97. I have an issue with the whole pass and I haven’t gotten the special events challenges from Feb 28th either

  98. I have played pokémon go since it began and I have never experienced so many issues with this Kanto event that i was getting so upset I had to stop playing I am level 43 and thinking about just deleting my game it has become to annoying to continue. It used to be fun to play not now so stressed out from all the issues and promises that i never get wasted $11.99

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