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Pokemon Go November 2021 Community Day Wish List

Community Day in Pokemon Go is widely known as the event where Trainers can catch a Pokemon (that is a featured Community Day Pokemon) and stack up on candies either for further evolution or to power it up so they can be a great addition to a Trainer’s battle team.

So far, we have had the chance to participate in 10 Pokemon Go Community Day events in 2021 and catch all featured Pokemon, their shiny forms, and get all the bonuses. Fortunately, we have two more Community Day events ahead of us, one in November and the last for this year in December.

The good thing about this event is that Trainers have a greater chance of catching a hundo or a shundo of the highlighted Pokemon, which usually is a Pokemon that is a rare or uncommon spawn.

The next 11th Community Day in 2021 will start sometime in November, featuring different Pokemon, its shiny forms, and new bonuses.

Now is the perfect time to start speculating which would be the 11th consecutive Community Day Pokemon in November 2021, and here is a list of Pokemon that we might see next.

November 2021 Community Day Expectations

  • Caterpie
  • Ekans
  • Pidove
  • Taillow
  • Basculin
  • Cacnea
  • Goomy
  • Slugma
  • Axew
  • Deino
  • Litwick

Do you agree with our list? What Pokemon would you like to see next? If you have any predictions of your own, tell us in the comments below.

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Dejan Kacurov

Hi, gamers! You can call me Mr. DComplex. I'm a gamer, a hardcore gamer. My favorite genres are Action RPG and MMORPG. At the moment I'm using my PC as my only gaming platform, but soon I might get a new PS4 from Angel. Update - Angel did get me a PS4, oh wait, it's the PS4 PRO 1TB!!! Much love bro!


  1. No. Basculin still doesn’t having an evolution til Basculegion goes out in Legends Arceus. So, no, he couldn’t has a community day by this time. Also Deino and Axew, dream on LOL

    1. Yeah we will never see a Deino com day, at least not for a few years. If they can monetize it they ain’t gonna com day it. I’d expect something more like Horsea. If we are feeling wishful maybe even Snorunt. I do expect something good for last com day before the recap. Maybe surprise us with Gothita, it’s been common lately, it’s a psychic type(which they over use) and has a garbage shiny. Seems right up their alley.

      1. Well it’s possible, 1 in a 1000 chances because we did have a gibble community day, but goomy would be very good as well, but I DON’T want a basculine, caterpie or a pidove and definitely not a tailow. All of these Pokémon are just useless!

    1. Why?? It’s useless!! We need good Pokémon for CD so like others have posted WE WANT AXEW !! Or Goomy would be good too but unfortunately we will probably get a crappy ass Pokémon like slugma!! Which I catch for stardust only and always send back without even checking stats!! Cause it sucks like so many others that are for stardust only and get sent back without checking cause even if it turned out to be a hundo I would probably send it back cause we only have so many slots and I would much rather give a slot to a Pokémon that I can use or at least display in gyms!! And Slugma ain’t it!!!

  2. Caterpie – probably
    Ekans – only 1 evolution, nearly impossible
    Pidove – no, thanks.
    Taillow – already got a CD
    Basculin – do you really play Pokémon Go? What is the mean to have a Pokémon that cannot evolve in a CD, and what should be the use of Basculin?
    Cacnea – same as before
    Goomy – too early, I think. But not bad
    Slugma – unlikely, only 1 evo like Ekans
    Axew – in your dreams.
    Deino – the dream of all players
    Litwick – already got a ghost type this month.

    1. If niantic really had to choose something from this, it might be deino, goomy, and if we all are lucky enough, axew, because the same the others only have one evolution, but who knows it might something else, I’ll die of excitement if it’s goomy, deino or axew

    2. We’ve had 7 Community Days so far where the Pokemon only had 1 evolution or only 1 to go (so I’m counting things like Magmar where we caught the mid stage, asking with things like Swinub). Not counting Eevee here because it can evolve multiple ways.

  3. How about Noibat or other pokemon that need 400 candies to evolve and hardly appears in the wild id appreciate that definetly.

  4. I think spheal could be the next community day, it has a 3 tier evolution and the shiny hasn’t been released yet.

    1. You are WAY off on the every other month thing. This year we didn’t have any starter CD’s until Snivy in April, 5 months after Charmander day in October 2020. We won’t see the gen 6 starters until next year, why else would we have gotten Fletching before any of them?

  5. WurmplE….you need 6 shiny to complete the family……3 males & 3 females
    So you guy could control the female and make it harder to get

    1. Actually in Pokémon GO wurmple male and female evolve into both evolution sets. It’s actually randomized in game regardless of gender so you would need way more than 6 shiny if you want the entire shiny line. Depending on luck you could need 5 – infinite

  6. Good guesses, but November is the month where it’s going to be a newly released shiny for the Community Day. There’s a pattern in the com days so one month it’s pokèmon that can already be shiny for the com day and the next it’s a pokèmon that can’t be shiny yet for the com day. So all of the pokèmon that can be shiny on that list isn’t going to be the com day unless Pokèmon makes an exception. I like your list though, but I really hope Hoothoot is gonna be the com day but I think it’s gonna be Litwick, which I love litwick so I’m not sad about that.

  7. I would like to see Axew or Deino in the next Community day event. Neither of these are out much which makes it hard to evolve.

    1. I AM SO DOWN WITH HOOTHOOT TOO!!!! OR STUNKY!!!!! Lol I am in dier needs of BOTH of those mons’ shiny!! I play the pogo differently than most, idc abt the stats, or building the candies up to beef my mon up, lol I’M ALL ABOUT THEM SHINIES! lol I can get down with Axew, or gloomy as well… I’m down for most pokes’ that do not have shinies released yet or the spawn rate and shiny rates are super low lol. I was very disappointed in this months commday, only bc I already have 6 shiny Duskulls .. but hoothoot or stunky.. top of MY LIST! LOL

  8. I think we need an unknown community day. Or some type of event where we can get all the letters and shinies.

    Scyther(since it “has 3 evols now)

  9. It will be Chespin next. There is a pattern; starter mon, then non starter, then starter. Been that way since the start. Either Cheapin next, or a return to an earlier starter. Though the pattern follows that it will be something not yet shiny, so Chespin is most likely.

  10. Riolu needs a community day. I’d love to have Litwick and Dieno as well. All the above mentioned can just be released as new shinies in game. Some of them already have their shiny forms released so it would be pointless to have them. I want community days for pokemon you dont see often and or rare to get in game like when they gave us Gible

  11. The next cday is gonna be chespin since they’re back to doing the starters now. Ever since snivy cday every other month it’s been a starter.

  12. Deino is super cool!!! I have never seen him in the game!! I would love to see something that is not as common on the next community day!!!

  13. The person who made this list, clearly does not play Pokémon go. That’s the issue with hiring theses days.
    So many people doing and writing about things they don’t know.

  14. Why would you say Basculin?? Do you guys even play this game at all, or are you guys posers; trying to cash in on the CD hype? Also, half the others are a 2-stage evolution, meaning they definitely won’t get a CD. Again.. do you guys even play PoGo??

  15. They should have done Hoohoo too for for Community Day for the month of October as well but for the month of November for community day I would say Goomy and Deino

  16. CD’s have very rarely featured a standard 2 stage evolution with a 50 candy cost. I think Pikachu and Rhyhorn before Rhyperior are the only examples. Odds are incredibly low we’ll get too rare dragon CD’s in one year. A couple other of the suggestions are way too common and not PVP or PVE relevant at all to even be enticing enough. Weedle already happened and they were looking forward to mega evolutions. Idk if they’d do Caterpie since Butterfree doesn’t have a mega. I’d put my money on what someone else said, Snorunt. It can evolve into Glalie and they could prepare to release Glalie’s mega this winter

  17. I think that we should have a legendary Pokémon community day 1 time a year so I think that that should be the next community dat

  18. I think many of us would have to agree that having a DIENO community day would be a great Pokemon for this month. Post a reply for DIENO community day!!!!!!

  19. I’d personally like to see a Starly community day. I mean the birds been in the game for ages and it’s shiny form STILL isn’t available? Bruh

  20. Feel kinda sad for future game releases putting out such a garbage article. Mr. DComplex needs to stay in his lane and stick to his MMORPGs on his PC n PS4 (pro). Has he ever even played this game?

    The article reads like he has read about community days, looked at a list of previous ones and then just made stuff up. Super shallow understanding of the content and no context.

    If you would like a decent article written you have my email.

  21. I wanna see axew at the same time knowing that the fact I live in fort worth I wanna see more shinys and more different raid bosses as well.

  22. Would love to see a magnemite com day. Its a gen 1 so has sentiment, its shint looks cool, its a 3 tier pokemon structure and its top tier is really useful.

  23. I would love Goomy Community day
    I mean since we haven’t gotten Shiny Goomy in the game yet and plus Goomy is a cute and good partner so I would have to
    Say Goomy Community day

    1. Really? No gen 4 predictions with BDSP coming out that month? It’s obviously going to be Shinx or Starly, but I would LOVE to be wrong and see an Axew CD.

  24. Should do something different like mewto, Lucario, noidbat, froakie, or maybe even something with a legendary at some point

  25. Put ones we haven’t see a while like. To see Pidgey be in the community day event or enakes or Onix in community day

  26. I would really like to see a Pokémon that has a definite male/female difference like Doduo or Hippopotus. Or a Pokémon that it’s second evolve splits off 2 ways like Ralts evolve line. It would be more interesting and a little different

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