Atomic Heart Review: Crazy, Maddened, and Super Twisted Experience

Not only the public, but we have also been blown by the creativity and beauty of Atomic Heart. The developer Mundfish is a talented team, and despite the divisive review scores, we are amazed to see a bold and creative adventure with plenty of immersive thrills. With knockout visuals and unique art direction, and stellar gameplay mechanics, Atomic Heart is undoubtedly an unmissable experience.

Honestly speaking, I forgot to go to bed and played throughout the night because of the game’s stunning effects, captivating story, etc. I simply “passed out,” and today I finished the story. I am confident in my writing and can say that the game is more than beautiful. If you’re planning on buying it, prepare for the weirdest and most unique experiences you’ve ever had in gaming. An authentic, crazy “robo-zombie” experience where jump scares do exist!

Remember that Atomic Heart marks the debut of Mundfish, a developer known for its talent and impressive AAA-worthy qualities. While plenty of people believed to see the opposite, they were shocked by its phenomena.


The story itself is something else. We witness the ravaging of fervent robots in a utopian world of wonders and perfection, in which humans fail their attempt to find balance with robots. The world is in danger! Mutant creatures, terrifying machines, and powerful robots are rising against their creators. You as a player, have the power to stop them. Thanks to your experimental power glove granting you special combat skills combined with an arsenal of cutting-edge weapons and blades, you can face off in explosive encounters as you fight for justice – adapting your strategies to every unique opponent while combining resources and upgrading equipment along the way. Your mission: uncover what lies behind this seemingly idealized world, and put an end to whoever brought it here.

The story itself could’ve been a bit longer, and it feels a bit linear. A little diversification could’ve helped and made the game far more approaching.


Now, it’s time for the graphics. With high-resolution textures and extra creative models, the game feels more than unique, making it stand out in its category.

The in-game quality depends on what your gaming rig can support and based on your options, but even on low graphics quality, it still looks more than decent. The game features direct and indirect lighting, which depends on the scene, and it’s what adds life to it.

The reflections are breathtaking, which is noticeable since the very start of the game. Playing on PC will grant you the Ray Traced reflections tech, which improves the look of the same, and provides much more accurate reflections in any environment where reflections are present.

The shadows are incredibly sharp and precise, which rendering technique proves worthy of Mundfish’s fingertips. They provide a great touch to the game, especially in closed areas. Everything is fine when you have a smooth and fluid gameplay experience, and the only problem with this game is the FPS bleeds in open-world areas, especially if you’re playing on high quality.


There’s no good game if its combat is a**. Honestly, having the ability to shuffle through multiple abilities with different talent trees and pick up your favorite build for each occasion is well thought of. I see this as a solid experience with medium to hard combat mechanics. Playing it on a higher difficulty might give you the edge you’re looking for, but if you’re here only for the story, you might not find it as enjoyable.

The game allows you to hear and feel the “meaty” impact of your weapons as you take on enemies, and be sure to time your dodges carefully. Although fast-paced, this combat isn’t for racing. It’s all about outsmarting opponents with strategic timing. Thanks to your glove capabilities, you can curb an incoming attack or, my favorite (kite a bunch of mobs and then telekinesis and smash the s*** out of them).


The exploration side is weak, as outdoor areas are less fun. Despite what the game offers in outside areas, the more exciting action happens inside. The camera system makes it less entertaining, meaning you must be on the lookout for cameras 24/7 just to dodge an enemy swarm out of nowhere. Other than that, inside areas look fun, unique, and exciting.


Overall, the game has plenty of content, and collecting all the weapon blueprints might be challenging but tiring. Its glove abilities and upgrade mechanics give you certain control over your character. If you want to follow the main story, do not expect to be tinkering with all the weapons in the game unless you want to divert the narrative-driven instructions and wander off on your own.

Atomic Heart Review Score

Story - 7
Graphics - 9
Combat - 8
Exploration - 6



Atomic Heart is a FPS action role-playing video game developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 21, 2023.

User Rating: 3.3 ( 1 votes)
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