About Us

About Us

Three friends founded Future Game Releases in the summer of 2016. Sadly, one had to part ways, leaving only two working on the project. With exemplary dedication and will, their goal was to establish a game news website. Often, the project was before termination due to the lack of revenue. Even then, they tried to move forward and see the outcome. Throughout the early days of the struggle, FGR (Future Game Releases) achieved minor goals, strengthening the bond between the two people working on it. The team of Future Game Releases now consists of four people who are tirelessly working to bring entertainment and guidance to the reader’s eyes. FGR also tends to increase the crew size in the coming years, slowly but surely, avoiding bumpy roads. Worry not, as we have no intentions of stopping this beauty. The thing we’ve built has a huge potential, and we’re acutely aware of that.


We aim for superiority, trying to make this website as successful as possible. We strive to bring as much news as possible, deliver the best guides for games we play, write reviews for games we’ve done, and much more. As we said, we are now four hard-working people trying to develop fresh content daily.

We’ll keep doing what we do best, trying to make our supporters/readers happy. Future Game Releases will try to reach your core and become your favorite website; give us time. We’re small, but we assure you, we’ll get prominent.

For those that hate ads

We know plenty of people criticize the ad layout or hate ads in general and have tons of ad blockers installed on their favorite browsers. This is for you:

Most video games we own or set to come out, whether AAA titles or not, are being bought by ourselves. Rarely and extremely rarely do we get a chance to receive a promotional, review offer, or a video game for free! Thus, we’re managing our funds to create content, upon which advertising goals have had to be set.

As much as annoying as they could be, placing ads on the website is our only way to profit, and as such, will remain implemented for the time being.

Thanks for reading

Not to forget, we want to thank you all for supporting us. We honestly appreciate it! Trust, honesty and respect go a long way. And last but not least, our favorite quote: “One Day‚Ķ.” Put it in front of a sentence, and you’ll see our goals; you might even see yours too!

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at team@futuregamereleases.com
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