We Are Hiring!

The day has finally come! We can finally announce that we’re looking for staff to join our Team! Do you think you have everything it takes to adhere to the team or maybe deliver more than our expectations?

What kind of jobs do we offer?

We are in need of different types of workers. However, we mainly focus on improving the number of Writers and Editors, but there’s still something else to apply. No matter if that is a short-term or long-term agreement, there’s always something available to apply for. If you have the skills we’re looking for, we’ll be more than glad to hire you and join our team at Future Game Releases.

We aim at long-term agreements, as they will lead to a stronger relationship. A more robust relationship will lead to nothing else but success. Speaking of success, that’s what we aim for and that’s why we’re in a need of more Authors at first place. Developing new content is always welcome and we’ll be here to express and pass our knowledge and SEO related tricks and tips to you. Our primary goal is to appear on Google’s first page.

Where should I apply and try my luck?

We thought you’d never ask for that. Well, we have developed our own Job Application Form which should lead towards a better future communication and understanding for both sides. It’s always good to welcome someone new to the team. So if you think you possess the needed skills and you’re a real gamer full of knowledge from different games and genres, platforms or whatsoever, just CLICK HERE and fill the form out.

Remember, Gaming is Love, Gaming is Life, and you’ll be more than glad for joining such a great team!


Team @ FGR.

If you are a video game developer and you have a submission to make, you can mail us at team@futuregamereleases.com
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