Review: SMITE’s Season 8 Conquest Map

If you’re not familiar with SMITE, it’s a popular MOBA game developed and published by Titan Forge Games, in which mythological deities fight it out on an epic battleground. Unlike most MOBAs, SMITE has third-person gameplay, making it pretty unique.

With Season 8 releasing some time ago, a new Conquest map was released. The Conquest game mode is SMITE’s traditional 5v5 arena with 3 lanes and a huge jungle.

The new Conquest map follows a Greek-Babylonian theme with the release of the Babylonian Chaos Goddess Tiamat coming soon. Honestly, as an avid SMITE player, the new map makes Conquest better looking and more fun than it ever was.

On the visual aspect, the map is amazing, mixing elements from different mythologies, but mostly Greek and Babylonian. The old Chaos Titan was also replaced with a new animal hybrid looking entity. Throughout the map, Scorpions, which are a new jungle camp, were also added. The new map also makes the lanes a bit wider, especially the Middle Lane, which in my opinion makes team fights more open and overall more fun.

On the gameplay aspect, it’s even better. With the new starter items, SMITE gives you a lot of variety on your build and in general makes your early game more fun. The Scorpions which we previously mentioned are also an amazing addition to the gameplay aspect, serving as bonus gold and bonus lane sustain, along with an enhancement for your other buffs. The Scorpions scattered throughout the Duo and Solo lane give you bonus healing in a radius, while the ones in the Jungle enhance each side’s jungle camps to give bonus stats.

My only flaw with this map is the gates located near the phoenixes that just feel a bit odd in my opinion. I don’t really dislike them but I don’t really like them either.

If you’ve never really got into Conquest, now is the best time to do it. With a fresh new map and an MMR reset, you can start learning and enjoying this fun game mode just like almost everyone. After playing a lot of SMITE Season 8 for the past week, I can assure you that.

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Luka Midoski

Luka Midoski is the latest addition to FGR's team, with vast knowledge in the MOBA genre. He loves multiplayer online battle arenas as he believes they have the right match time to organize your day. Most of the time, he founds himself trapped in the world of Smite, but sometimes he wants to dip into World of Warcraft too.

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