Dog Duty PS4 Review, an Indie Masterpiece

Dog Duty is an indie real-time strategy video game developed by Zanardi and Liza and published by SOEDESCO. Now, from where shall we start?! Oh, yeah, right from the beginning. Keep in mind that this writing is a work in progress, and we tend to add something we’ve missed. We’re working on it, okay?

Dog Duty is a top-down real-time action game in which you, as a tactical mastermind, need to destroy the evil Octopus Commander and his army. Their intentions are quite harsh, and they want to take over the earth. On the opposite side, you have a squad of three characters at your disposal, which is there to stop the evil from accomplishing its mission.

We’ve got the PS4 version recently, and to be honest, we think this is one of the few indie games that will reach the sky. Why is that, you may ask?! Well, keep on reading, and everything will become clear for you.

So, you find yourself locked up in some God forgotten place, and you must save your mates from the prison in Octopia. Yeah, that’s all cool and stuff, but how do you get out of the prison cell? Well, while trying to figure it out, a guard comes in and gives you a cake…and guess what’s in the cake? Flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and most importantly, a KEY and a SHOTGUN!

You are now out of your prison cell, holding a rifle, and you rush to destroy the Octo-army and save your two mates. First, you save the Red Riding Hood guy and Romeo, as you continue on your journey after.

Character-wise, there are eight playable characters in total. They’re all at players’ disposal as they progress through the journey. Each of these characters has its skills, which can be quite handy when in battle:

  1. One can heal himself faster.
  2. The second can get closer to the foes and destroy them easily.
  3. The last one can use “Rage” and fire his weapon like a maniac while heals himself.
  4. We’re not going to spoil the other characters’ skills, so good luck on your journey!

NOTE: If knocked-down, one of the other characters can bring you back up!

Now, your three-person Octo-scum-destroyers-squad escapes the Detention camp with a military vehicle and goes on a journey to disable the Capitals defenses and eliminate the Evil Octopus Commander.

As you hop onto the vehicle, you can now see the map with four different areas/islands:

  1. The River – you’ll travel on a boat.
  2. The Desert – you’ll use the military truck.
  3. The Swamp – you’ll use a Hovercraft.
  4. The Capital

There are enemy outposts in each area in which one must destroy and conquer the enemy’s “fortresses” and eliminate the bosses.

The enemy is loaded with machine guns, flamethrowers, bazookas, and whatnot, so you might want to gather coins and upgrade your weapons and vehicle from the “Sale Shop.” You can find various weapons, and you can also repair your damaged vehicle here.

For last, this is one of the many reasons I recommend this game – the HUMOR! Damn, hats off to the guy who was creative enough and made those dialogues. Trust me; you don’t want to skip those dialogues. It will make you laugh.

Legends say there is free Wi-Fi somewhere in Octopia!

Here are some screenshots.

Dog Duty will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam on September 17, publisher Soedesco and developer Zanardi and Liza. The PC version has been in Early Access on Steam since August 2019.


Dog Duty Review

Dog Duty - 8.8



Dog Duty is an indie real-time strategy video game developed by Zanardi and Liza and published by SOEDESCO.

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